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  • New Message! UFOs: What The U.S. Government Really Knows;
    Dr. Steven M. Greer Interview By Jean-Noel Bassior
  • Special Report #1: Disclosure And Transformation: Why Disclosure
    Of The UFO/ET Subject Matters, by Steven M. Greer, M.D.
  • Special Report #2: The Secret Race To Control Iraq's
    Extraterrestrial Heritage, by Michael E. Salla, M.A., Ph.D.
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  •    THE LIGHT MESSENGER, an Intergalactic Newsletter, is inspired by the Council of Light, which is comprised of Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm. As co-creators we seek to inform our readers about this grand, multidimensional and spiritual council, also known as The Great White Brotherhood, Who has continued to guide and protect us on our journeys through cosmic consciousness for millions of years. They are here to fulfill the Divine Plan of God. Mankind has called them Spirit, Guardian Angels, Guides, Teachers and Masters.

       One of the first orders in the process of planetary awakening is the distribution of information. The work of THE LIGHT MESSENGER is to spread the knowledge of the Ageless Wisdom: 1) We are all ONE; 2) We are Light Beings residing in a physical body; 3) We are creators of our own reality; 4) We are multidimensional; 5) We are eternal, and much more. Every indication points to the importance of waking up from our historical slumber so that we may take our place in the Fourth Dimension and beyond.

       THE LIGHT MESSENGER is here to encourage those who are making the choice to expand their consciousness and remember their Divine origins and purpose by sharing contemporary thinking on these issues. The Golden Age is dawning, and it is time for humanity to re-awaken to the potentials of 1) inner guidance and 2) spiritual transformation. This newsletter is born of the need to network with others who are moving into the Light.

       It is our intention to share information on the following and other related subjects:
  • "I AM" Presence
  • Law of One
  • Earth Changes
  • ET Teachings
  • Ascended Masters
  • UFO/ET Information
  • Multidimensional Realities
  • Cosmic Cultures
  • Angelic Realm
  • Galactic History
  • The Ascension Process
  • Channeled Messages
  •    THE LIGHT MESSENGER is published bi-monthly by Bev (Dranda) Dombrowski, M.A., Editor and Publisher. Copyright 1997-2006. All rights reserved. SEND $3 FOR A SAMPLE COPY. Subscriptions are $15/year for six bi-monthly issues (US), $18/year (Canada), $21/year (all other countries). Your letters and contributions to this newsletter are encouraged. Send all comments and subscription requests to THE LIGHT MESSENGER, c/o Bev Dombrowski, 10956 Green Street, Space 217, Columbia, CA 95310, Website:, E-mail:, Phone 209-532-5767. Please make all checks to the Editor. Thank you.

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