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Spiritual Development
Art Jurriaanse

Guest Editorial
Bill Hamilton, Director, Skywatch International, Inc.

Talking To ETs Update - Part III
Lisette Larkins

Dimensions Of Understanding
Pamela Stumbough

How Do We Go From Fear And War To Peace?
Michael Lightweaver

The Earth Is The Antenna
Clifford E. Carnicom

The Final Death Throes Of The Global Elite
Paul Wilson

Working With Your Soul
Serapis Bey/Sha'Aara

The Year 2012: A Quantum Leap In Consciousness
Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.

The Challenge Of Deception
Janus/Bev Dombrowski

Zecharia Sitchin Interview - Part I
Connecting Link

News On And Off The Planet
Associated Press et al

Effects On Human Consciousness And Spirituality Of The Upcoming Announcement Of UFO Reality - Part I
Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D

The 20 Principles Of Life
Peter Gersten, CAUS

Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President

Spiritual Development
Art Jurriaanse

   The Five Progressive Phases In The Life Of The Evolving Personality

       The evolutionary urge of the human being, that irresistible impulse to push forward along the Lighted Way "from darkness into light, from the unreal to the real, and from death to immortality," is a divine attribute inherent in all created forms and for which the human mind can give no satisfactory explanation.

       The life of the evolving personality may be divided into five progressive steps, which are determined by the condition of the indwelling spiritual flame and the quality of the light that is being radiated.

       It should be realized, however, that although these stages are here only sketchily indicated in a few paragraphs, their sequence actually covers innumerable incarnations, spread over vast periods of time which may be reckoned in terms of millions of years. Especially during the early stages of existence, man's development is extremely slow, and it is only when nearing its culmination, and when the soul is beginning to take hold, that a marked increase in the rate of unfoldment will occur.

       Furthermore, students should realize that the classification as set out below is artificial and is merely given to provide an overall picture of the general process of development. The procedure will vary considerably from soul to soul, both in rate and characteristics, and in some instances, the periods described might partly overlap.

The First Period

       The recognition of man as a human being dates from that prehistoric time when animal-man was provided with an individual soul, and thus gained "self"-consciousness - he was "individualized." In this early stage, man was still polarized purely in his physical body, and was learning to control it by means of the desire or emotional body. This time corresponds with the ancient historical periods of Lemuria and Atlantis. During this period man, as yet, had no knowledge or awareness of any higher existence, and his aspirations did not go beyond pandering to the lusts and pleasures of the flesh.

       This period may be compared with that of a child between the ages of one and seven years.

       At this stage, the inner flame of the soul is, as yet, hardly noticeable to the Teachers of the race, and only appears as a small pin-point of light, and the driving force of evolution is still largely instinctive.

The Second Period

       The Second Period is characterized by a polarization of the emotional body, and is associated with the first signs of an awakening lower mind of desire. This occurred during the later Atlantean days. With the mind beginning to permeate the personality, the desires no longer remain solely focused on the physical life, but become directed towards the astral level, and a capacity arises for a deep love and unreasoning devotion for those exhibiting greater intelligence and wisdom, or in unreasonable hatred towards some associates. The balance which the reasoning mind will later achieve is, however, still lacking and the life during this period will, therefore, be characterized by emotional extremes. The mental aspect is unfolding, but man is still dominated by his emotions.

       If this period is symbolically compared with that of a single life, it will correspond with the life of a child of seven to 14 years old - the period covering adolescence and the maturing of the child. The inner light of the soul remains dim during this stage, and is still hardly noticeable.

The Third Period

       The Third Period is that vital phase when the mind is being developed and the life is polarized in the mental body.

       Man by now has full control of his physical body, and each incarnation provides better equipment with the accent primarily on the quality of the brain as the instrument of the mind. Simultaneously the emotional body becomes more refined in its life of desire, and instead of as in the past turning downwards to the material for its satisfaction, it now tends upwards and desire becomes transmuted into aspiration - at first mental aspiration - till later there comes an awareness of the existence of the subjective worlds. Man also becomes conscious of the joys of the intellect and, therefore, ever strives for greater adequacy of the mind.

       Meanwhile, the divine spark of the soul, which for so long has remained dormant, has commenced to glow and to develop into a small flame. This spiritual fire is permeating the body of the soul, supplying it with warmth, radiating its energies, and allowing the soul to gain in consciousness on its own plane. The physical brain, however, does not yet become consciously aware of impressions issuing from this indwelling force. This period will correspond with the individual age of between 14 and 20 - the reaching of adulthood.

The Fourth Period

       The Fourth Period is that wherein the personality, as a coordinated whole, is for the first time being recognized - the three lower bodies, the physical, emotional and mental, have become synthesized into a single working unit under mental control. The consummation of the personality life has been attained, and its attention is now being consciously focused towards the soul.

       This is the stage where the disciple is born, and where he takes his first hesitant steps on the Path. He has become aware of his duality; he comes to the realization that his whole being will finally have to become centered in the soul, and that the soul must come into complete control of the lower planes. He, therefore, commences to work on this transmutation and the expansion of his consciousness, finding this a laborious and painful task, marked by constant reverses and which can only be achieved by dedication and persistence. He finds that his most effective tools in this demanding task are study, meditation and service to his fellow man.

       In the course of these struggles, and without the disciple being aware of it, his inner fire has systemically been receiving more fuel and is now burning so much brighter that the inner light is beginning to attract the attention of the Masters. This marks the maturing adult stage of 28 to 35 years.

The Fifth Period

       The Fifth Period marks the consummation of the human being on the physical plane. It is the stage where he enters the path of initiation - initiation into the conscious recognition of the spiritual worlds.

       Through sustained meditation, supported by its two helpmates, study and service, the disciple is increasingly making direct contact with the soul's vibration, and more and more the soul-consciousness is being incorporated to include the lower planes. The soul light is burning ever brighter, and its radiation is lighting up the disciple's Path.

       During this period, the polarization shifts entirely from the personality to the soul until, towards the end of the fifth stage, liberation is complete and man is set free. The next step is that the polarization shifts even higher, to become centered in the Spiritual Triad, but this only occurs after the Third Initiation.

       The Fifth Period may be compared with the symbolic age of 42.

Spiritual Evolution: The Expansion Of Consciousness

       It is often found that disciples become impatient or discouraged with their slow spiritual progress, but it should always be remembered that all truly esoteric effects are slowly achieved, and only after consistent and painstaking work.

       Should a man make apparently rapid progress in any one incarnation, this will be due to the fact that he is only recapitulating that which has already been acquired in earlier incarnations, and that he is preparing for his next arduous task.

       The whole path of spiritual evolution is, therefore, a successive range of expansions of consciousness, of recognitions and succeeding revelations, until the world of matter and form stand revealed in the light of the soul, and illumination is achieved.

       The disciple then gradually establishes his conscious life in the subjective world, the world of reality; his sense of values becomes radically changed, and his time and capacities are devoted to higher and higher objectives.

       Editor's Note: This information was sent to me from It shows how our focus changes as we step on the path of Initiation, while developing a greater awareness of the soul's vibration in our lives.

Guest Editorial
Bill Hamilton, Director, Skywatch International, Inc.

       Most of our society is as unconcerned with its origins and place in the universe as would be a person wandering in a dream. That is, most individuals are unconcerned, and very few human organizations are devoted to these matters. Society deals with the problems and issues of the moment and in the near future. But there is only a shadowy background of myth to provide any context for it all.

       Every ancient society found truth in its myths, and modern society is no exception. Individuals within modern society tend to accept as their cosmological truth either what they believe to be the growing knowledge of science as reported by the media or taught by educators, or the scriptures of their religions.

       But truth is not so easily attained. The scientific description of our reality is best understood as the result of a sociological process that has undergone many revolutions and will continue to do so. It is never absolute truth nor should we assume that it even approaches what we choose to call absolute truth. At times it looks more like lurching about than a steady or asymptotic approach to complete knowledge.

       The average person does not have direct access to even such "truth" as science believes it holds - the literature of science - but rather is told about it by the media and educators, who always add their spin. And those who turn to religious scripture for truth often do not realize that this, too, is but the end result of sociological and political processes.

       People do not often understand this. They do not know that they have simply chosen their myth. They believe that they possess knowledge of their general cosmic situation, so far as it is possible for anyone to obtain such knowledge, and that there is little point attempting to learn any more about it.

       People are also being taught, usually subliminally, about what is important and what is not. In fact, people's beliefs about what is true and what is important are fed to them by society's institutions. Thus people in their beliefs are vulnerable to manipulation at every level.

       Given the way in which it comes about I do not assume that the modern scientific myth of Man's Place in the Cosmos necessarily provides the most accurate depiction. It is only one of many, and there is value in looking at the myths of other cultures - the living ones as well as the extinct. When we do, we find information at variance with the modern myths.

       There is another modern myth relating to man's cosmic situation. It is the myth of the UFO. By referring to the topic in this way, I am not implying that "the UFO is not real." It is as real as one believes it to be based on personal experience.

       Myths are complex social phenomena, and they usually are seeded by something. That important "something" is accessed via the myth that has grown around it. Since the UFO myth appears to have MUCH to do with man's cosmic situation and universal heritage, I suggest the reader give careful consideration to the growing awareness of the UFO reality.

Bill Hamilton

       Editor's Note: Mythology has always been my favorite topic to explore. As far as UFOs are concerned, there is too much information being uncovered throughout the world to dismiss it as a viable Interest. Love, Bev

Talking To ETs Update: Part III
Lisette Larkins

       Editor's Note: In the January 2OO3 issue of The Light Messenger, Lisette asked the ETs, "What specific and/or overall planetary changes are anticipated to occur in physical terms in the near future?" and "How can we prepare?"

       Their answer, in part, was as follows; "Naturally, as guests on the host planet, you are concerned about the status of that planet. Yet, if you truly comprehended how a species survives cataclysms, or what you call 'tragedy,' then you would prepare yourself in a different way. That preparation Involves becoming fully aware of Who You Are."

       "And then, coincidentally, when you recognize Who You Are, you recognize that there is nothing to prepare for, there's nothing to fear, for you are all participants in the grand orchestration, even though you've forgotten that you are. And so you are not being left out of the secret."

       "There are not beings who know one thing, but have not told you. This is your fear that somehow there is knowledge (of planetary disaster) that you are not being given, the knowing of which will save you. but contrary to your thinking, the simplest understanding will prepare you for anything. That awareness of your potential, or your highest placement as a spiritual being, as a member of this universe, designates you as a member of the one soul. This recognition, then, is part of your survival plan." Lisette's questions are in italics; the ET responses are in regular print.


       What would be the spiritual significance to the passage of Planet X or any other cause of catastrophe?

       When you recognize that there is "spiritual significance" to the passage of a small child crossing your front lawn, then you will best understand how we might answer that question. There is spiritual significance to those events that you deem horrible. There is spiritual significance to everything and anything. It is only you, humans, who have decided to label all that is spiritually significant with names that imply they are not spiritual at all.

There Are No Random, Insignificant Experiences

       The more appropriate question might be, "What event, if any, is NOT spiritually significant?" And the answer is, there are no random, insignificant experiences. All events and circumstances are playing out and existing in the context of an ordered, synchronous cosmos. Just because you cannot believe that this is the case, does not make this statement false.

       What you have culturally done is describe as spiritual, some event and circumstance that you "agree" with or find has some "value" to you. But value is everywhere, with every event and occurrence in your life, even if you disagree with it.

       If there were to be cataclysms, would there be assistance in the form of evacuations from ETs, and if this help is given, what approximate percentage of the population will be receiving assistance in this manner?

       My dear, dear friends, what would you say if we told you that more than a billion of you have already received assistance in some manner, in some degree or another, by extraterrestrials or other-worldly beings as of this date and time? Do you think that just one event would happen and then assistance would be granted?

       This is a very naive perspective, for there is more going on already behind the scenes than you can comprehend. There is assistance, the likes of which would shock you. There are those of you who have received healings from us as called to you by your own soul, and much, much more. There have been many of you who have been taken off of your planet temporarily for myriad reasons, and all of this has been going on for years.

The Definition Of Being Asleep

       And so, you now ask if it will continue to go on next year? Yes. But it is already occurring. Some of you are aware of these relationships and some of you are not. Your question, more accurately, is asking if this assistance will occur in plain view, for all to see. And again, we would suggest that even if it did occur in plain view, many of you would still not see it. That is the definition of being asleep. Those who have eyes to see will see. Those who are not yet ready will not see.

       So, although again, you may feel that we are skirting the question, you are asking it from the context of "rescue." We do not agree that we are rescuing, have rescued, or will be rescuing you from anything. In fact, just the opposite is the case. We are empowering you to notice that there is nothing to be rescued from.

If Your Soul's Intention Is To Exist In A Certain Way, In A Certain Time, It Will Do So

       If you move or relocate from Colorado to Florida, does that mean that you're being rescued by the move to Florida? In one paradigm, it may mean that to you, but within a higher paradigm, you recognize that there is nothing to be rescued from. If your soul's intention is to exist in a certain way, in a certain time, it will do so. The mechanics of that transition or move is available by many different means.

       But the context in which you ask the question suggests that you, yourselves, cannot be entrusted to evolve, when, in fact you can be. We have evolved, and so can you. If, in the example of moving cross-country, you rent a truck and ask your brother to drive the truck for you, is he rescuing you or have you caused him to help you? This is a seemingly small nuance, but it is not as minor as it sounds. The nuance is that empowered beings understand and recognize that there are numerous avenues of orchestration available to make any transition at all to anywhere at all. This, at the seat of your soul, you know. Your mind thinks that you need rescuing, but that is an illusion.

       If your soul has determined that it would like to be someplace, it will be there. No amount of scrounging, worrying, analyzing, or scrutinizing will make that transition easier for you, for you will not be operating from that level. If your soul's intention is to finish here and continue elsewhere, the details of orchestrating that, we can assure you, are handled. The preparation that would best suit you is simply to practice remembering that.

       What is the most significant beneficial piece of information or perspective that can and should be relayed about potential earth changes?

       You, as spiritual beings, are all sharing a characteristic, and that characteristic is that you are constantly changing and that you are confronted with ongoing changes around you. If this is so, then do not fear that you will not be prepared for a certain change down the road.

       Believe in your soul's ability to know the best way as well as the mechanics for evolving. The mind would like to help you, but how can it? The mind knows nothing of what we speak, and so it is floundering, admittedly. The soul will always be safe. You are well cared for, because as participants in the process of life, you have access to the greatest insurance policy of all time, which states that you will survive everything and anything because that is what evolution is all about.

There Is No End To Life

       The mechanics of how you skip from one life's embodiment to another has you fearful. But why? You have skipped thusly hundreds and thousands of times. Why are you worried now? You can trust in the process of life itself. It is neither stupidity nor naivete, but in fact demonstrates your mastery, for you are recognizing the true nature, the true characteristics of your soul and those of the universe.

       This answer, this message, is what will best help you and those you love, for this is universal law and does not change, although your mind says it's irrelevant or that it's not helpful. It is the most relevant and helpful reminder that we can send to you.

       Is there really another physical planet that could disrupt the poles of the Earth?

       Again, your emphasis is on one object creating a shift in the poles, but the poles are already impacted and are shifting, as are you, by the way.

       Is there an actual object of which they write?

       The most correct answer is Yes and No. We will explain thusly: If you ask us, "Do thousands of people die of starvation every day on this planet?" we would agree that yes, this is the case, at present. Then you would clarify. "Then it's true that the condition of starvation exists on this planet, and will exist to a greater degree in the next few years?" And we would respond, "No, not necessarily, for it is not necessary that one thing means that the other must occur."

Creative Beings Can Employ Creative Outcomes

       Because even if there is in existence a planet, it does not necessarily mean that a full cataclysm must occur. Was it your thinking that you are insignificant to the state of your world? There are some beings on other planets who are able to control their weather, because they understand that it is their birthright to do so.

       Because a planet exists, traveling in a certain way, does not mean that it is a requirement for it to end up in a certain location. This is the case for many reasons, the least of which is that there are other beings in your universe who can impact certain events because we understand that our birthright allows us to do so.

       Do you understand the distinction that we are making? We are suggesting, we are reminding you, we are compelling you to remember that creative beings can employ creative outcomes. Consider your Native American shamans who took part in the rain dances of yesteryear. Do you think that they were merely partaking of entertainment? In fact, they were calling upon their right as heirs to the universe, to impart an outcome.

       That is what intention is all about. Change your course, if you don't like it. Change your entire life. As your mythical Captain Picard would say, "Make it so." This is the nature of powerful, creative beings; they understand that the events and circumstances of their life need not be trivial and meaningless, but rather, are part of that which we all have set up and orchestrated. And so, the weather then falls within your domain, as does the shifting of the planets, for you and the planets are made up of the same stuff, and can impact each other by redirecting your energy.

       Editor's Note: Contact Lisette Larkins at Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc., 1125 Stoney Ridge Road, Charlottesville, VA 229O2

Dimensions Of Understanding
Pamela Stumbough

       Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, there are many teachers and channels of Light who have stepped forward to bring us information from unseen realms. It came about because, as a result of the intense focus of Light created by those who participated in this event, it was possible for the first time since ancient Lemuria for those in the higher dimensions of consciousness to flood the Earth with life-giving electromagnetic Light.

The Awakening Process

       And the veils were removed. Unless already aligned with the Light every human being upon the Earth began the awakening process at that time, whether they were consciously aware of it or not. As one begins to awaken, it is natural for one to begin asking questions. Then, as the mysteries of the Universe start to unfold, we become information seekers most eager to embark upon a seemingly endless journey to realize enlightenment.

       Due to this magnificent influx of Light to the Earth, it is now possible for us to contact more easily then ever before, various unseen beings of this Universe. And the Universe is more than happy to support our reality by providing us with perspectives.

There Is No "One Truth"

       As I evolved on my path and began my preparation with the Ascended Masters as a channel for the Teachings of Light, one of the first things I learned from them is that there is no "one truth," and that this is a concept that must be recognized in order to become an effectively clear channel.

       I was relieved when I learned this because I did not have to try to figure everything out any longer. For the first time, I became aware that the truth of all life is found through the heart and not through the human ego and its intellect.

       There are as many perspectives as there are Beings in the Universe, and there is not one Being or one group of Beings who have all of the answers. Through my own experiences in working closely with the Masters, I have realized that the only one who could possibly answer my own questions is me; more specifically, the GOD in me.

       Assuming that we are all a part of God and that we are created in the image of God, then it stands to reason that we are the only ones who can answer our own questions. Unfortunately, human reality has operated in quite a different mode. We have been taught to look outside of ourselves to human authorities and philosophies for our answers. It is now time for all of us to realize that we have been empowering an illusion.

       To describe the various dimensions in detail would fill an entire book from cover to cover. So to simplify things, we will concern ourselves only with the four direct dimensions of reality that are most easily contacted and understood with our human minds: the Astral, the Etheric, the Christ Levels, and the I AM Presence.

The Astral Plane

       THE ASTRAL: When I use the word "higher" or "above," these words are simply describing a faster rate of vibration. The more accelerated the vibration, the more transparent the reality. In other words, not "better than," just different; "higher" simply meaning less physical. Directly above our physical reality, still in the third dimension (and the beginning of the fourth), are the Astral realms. Contained within the Astral is also the Akash, which is the subconscious (planetary aura) of the Earth. This is also the location of the Akashic Records.

       The Astral also encompasses those which are the "heaven worlds" of the Earth which are also in the third dimension. Within each dimension, and each level within it, contains its own unique frequency, rate of vibration, law of physics, and certain characteristics of the Beings dwelling therein.

       Within the Astral there are seven distinct planes of existence, each one of them having various levels within them. This is the area to which evolving human beings are relegated when they pass from the Earth through physical death. Depending upon one's understanding of higher consciousness (rate of vibration upon departure from physical reality), one will find himself in a plane of existence suitable to his own rate of vibration and beliefs.

       One does not become instantly wiser and all-knowing after physical death. Those contacted residing in the Astral realms just appear to be wiser simply because they possess a broader view; they can see us but we cannot see them.

       It is important to note, that from whatever dimensional level one is perceiving from, it is only possible for one to see "down into the dimensions," and not "up into the dimensions." It is for this reason that if you were to ask one in the Astral realms about the Ascended Masters, for instance, unless they had prior knowledge of the Masters before physical death, they will tell you that they do not exist.

The Etheric Plane

       THE ETHERIC: The next dimension above the Astral is the Etheric, and it encompasses the fourth and fifth dimensions. The extent of Universal Perfection is through the upper levels of the Etheric; it is the lowest vibrational dimension in Creation where one will begin to find undistorted truth or non-error.

       From this dimension, one first receives an understanding of true immortality from the Higher Self (or Soul) through the intuition. In the higher levels of the Etheric is where one will begin to merge with the Eternal Lightbody in order to integrate the vibration of the Inner Christ Self through the ascension process.

       The Etheric is a most interesting dimension because it is from here that one can receive many intriguing details, especially of a technical nature. Many of the benevolent and wise extraterrestrials are channeling from this level. Others who will sometimes channel from here and the higher dimensions are the Space Masters of the Ashtar Command ("space" meaning they have ascended from planets other than Earth).

       Beings truly channeling from this level will always project a vibration of love and non-judgment. They will most often emphasize the concept of a "free-will universe," especially as it relates to changing one's own reality. They will also offer an understanding of Universal Law from their messages.

The Christ Levels

       Above the Etheric are the Christ Levels, or the sixth through eighth dimensions. The Beings of this dimension are the Christ Angels, the Ascended Masters, and even one's own Inner Christ Self. The Ascended Masters are Beings who have completed their earthly duties, have completely mastered the third-dimensional Earth reality, and who have succeeded in accelerating the physical cells of their bodies into Light.

       Some of the Teachers most familiar to us who have accomplished this are: Lord Sananda (Jesus), St. Germain, Serapis Bey, Babaji, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, El Morya, and many others.

       Those in the Christ realms are totally universal, teaching, and healing in their orientations. They always embody pure love, compassion, and understanding, and they recognize the oneness of all Creation. The information received from this dimension will contain the Soul's purpose.

       The term "Christ" means fully enlightened or ascended "God within us," and is not meant to denote any particular Being. It is actually descriptive of a very specific vibrational energy of which each one of us is a part, whether we consciously know it or not. It is the level or point of recognition within where God knows the self to be human and the human knows the self to be God.

The I AM Presence

       The I AM Presence is the highest dimension of human consciousness, so far as human evolutionary dimensions are concerned. This is of the ninth dimension and beyond. In this dimension are found the Archangels, Chohans, Ascended Masters, and One's own I AM Presence. Contained herein is the knowledge that one is Totally Absolute; knowing oneself as pure love, pure truth, infinite wisdom, infinite abundance, and the direct knowing that one is never alone, simply: I AM.

       One of the things you will notice is, that as one begins to evolve into higher worlds of thought there are less details. The third dimension is the only dimension where the word "focus" has any meaning. The human mind (ego), because of its misappropriated need to control, just "thinks" it requires details. In the higher dimensions, everything desired comes to one automatically; there is no need to seek.

       I would like to point out that none of us are 'just human," but that we are first, and most importantly, Spiritual Beings who have simply desired to have a physical experience for evolutionary purposes.

       Each one of us also has many other personalities existing simultaneously on many levels in other dimensions. The awakening process can be very confusing, but only when one allows the ego to fully rule one's awareness. The ego will distract you with its consuming desire for details; it is also responsible for all of the illusion that we have created.

       It is now time for us to dismantle this illusion by following our hearts. Don't be afraid to dismantle your armor. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that Heaven is waiting for you...right here on Earth.

       Editor's Note: Pamela Stumbough is a fully conscious channel for the Ascended Masters. She travels extensively while teaching the Inner Christ Channeling Seminars, This information was taken from Connecting Link.


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