Open your eyes to a whole new world of Interstellar Space and a new vision of your own life. Meet Janus, the navigator of the Pegasus Lightship, who comes to share some important revelations about the evolution of mankind. He is our adventure guide on a spiritual journey helping us remember who we really are: God-man and God-woman.

   This intriguing book is about direct contact with an advanced technological and spiritual civilization living on a Mothership in outer space. Bev Dombrowski takes us on a journey in consciousness, showing us the magic that awaits us as we evolve into our future selves and connect with our galactic heritage. In addition, this book is a beacon for all those wanting to stretch their hearts and minds into an alignment with cosmic consciousness as we remember our Oneness with all creation.

   The Pegasus Lightship: A Journey With Janus is 207 pages in length, and will be available in early December 2004. The cost is $13.95 plus $3 shipping and handling (in the U.S.).

   To order your copy, contact:
   Bev Dombrowski, 10956 Green Street, Space 217, Columbia, CA 95310, USA
   Phone: 209-532-5767 · E-mail:

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