Special Report #1

Disclosure And Transformation:
Why Disclosure Of The UFO/ET Subject Matters

By Steven M. Greer, M.D.

       Amid the clamor of a world hurtling towards wartime, a great secret has been kept from humanity which may hold the key to our future. This secret is hidden in plain sight and yet remains unacknowledged by most. It is discussed widely in popular culture - but its import and meaning remain elusive.

       In a world swimming in new high-tech billionaires and internet moguls, we yet use a basic infrastructure - combustible fuels - which is a holdover from the 1800s. And it threatens all that we are and all that we can be as it incinerates our future in a sea of pollution.

       In a world where the richest 250 people have the wealth of half of the world's population, and where our current direction can only lead to some eventual termination in a great gray cloud of smoke, what does it matter that we are not alone in the universe - and have been visited already? Indeed, what does it matter?

       Because in that secret lies a great hope and a great promise. We see a time in which the current malaise and seemingly hopeless problems of the world are transformed into another time - one of hope and a sustainable civilization.

The Answers Already Exist

       The good news is that we know how to do this. The answers exist already and that bright future awaits us. The sad news is that among the apathy and distractions of the current milieu, we find these answers withheld from view. Do we have the fortitude to bring them out?

       How do I convey the purpose of an undertaking which has taken me all over the world, meeting with heads of State, generals, admirals and titans of industry to build support for a disclosure of UFO/ET information?

       It is, therefore, for my children and all those who wonder about this struggle, about its risks and who may ask, "Why bother?" I must share this vision.

       1. Of a time when we know we are not alone and, indeed, are being visited already - and suddenly the Earth is a very small blue island in the vast universe and we are all FAMILY upon her.

       2. Of a time when the people and their representatives have STOOD UP to the forces of exploitation and covert abuse of power, and have finally fulfilled the promise of democracy and an open and free society.

       3. Of a time when the one trillion dollar military/industrial complex will be transformed into an engine to advance all the peoples of the world, not destroy them.

       4. Of a time when the technologies of extraterrestrial origin, figured out and operational in covert projects funded by the people, will be disclosed and owned by all.

       5. Of a time when, by these special advancements, each home and village can have its own source of energy which consumes no fuel and pollutes not the air, the water nor the land.

       6. Of a time when we will utilize space to explore and discover - not as the next launching pad for warfare.

       7. Of a time when the Earth and her people will take their place peacefully among the planetary peoples, joining in an evolutionary spiral which endures for millennia.

       8. Of a time when the ugliness of transmission lines and power plants and nuclear waste will vanish into irrelevance as we each utilize power sources in our homes and offices which are ultimately non-polluting.

       9. Of a time when no rain forest will need to be cut down or burned for firewood.

       10. Of a time when the great want and injustice of severe poverty, which breeds so much social unrest and suffering, will be replaced by a culture of abundance.

       11. Of a time when the exploration of mind and human potential will replace the exploitation of others.

       12. Of a time of collective security when the people of the world will vow to enforce a peace which is inviolate - and universal - and will let no leader nor group invade or exploit another.

       13. Of a time when all beings human or otherwise are respected and protected equally for the reality of their inner being, not judged by their race or sex or other external qualities - not even their planet of origin.

We Have One Last Hill To Climb And Then This Vision Will Be Reality

       For such a time, some effort is warranted. Some sacrifice justified. We have one last hill to climb and then this vision will be reality. The means exist to do it. The technologies lie in wait.

       A fascinating story comes to mind about Colonel Philip Corso during a landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft at Holoman Air Force Base. There was an exchange between the ET and the Colonel about open extraterrestrial cooperation. The Colonel asked, "What's in it for me?" The ET responded, "A better world - if you can take it." There is a better world that awaits us and we can create it. It's certainly worth a try... Steven M. Greer, M.D.

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