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Neale Donald Walsch:  Creating A Friendship With God
An Interview By Bev Dombrowski, M.A.

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Confessions Of An Intergalactic Anthropologist
Marcia S. Schafer, M.A.

CAUS vs. Dept. Of Defense:  UFO Group Gets Hearing
PRG Press Release

Reclaiming Your Own 12-Strand DNA — Part I
Councils Of The Cosmic Christ/Julianne Everett

The Golden Keys To Ascension
Joshua David Stone, Ph.D

The Hickman Report:  When Presidents See UFOs
Jim Hickman - Aerial Research Group

Thoughts From The “I AM”
I AM THAT I AM - Ken Carey

The Fourth Dimension
Janus/Dranda/Bev Dombrowski

The Reality Of Climate Change
Global Situation Report

Theory Of Evolution Mindshift
George A. Filer, Director, MUFON

Speaking Out
1.  Carl Sagan
2.  National Academy Of Science

News On And Off Our Planet
Skywatch International, Inc./GSReport

Ashtar Command Update

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Neale Donald Walsch:
Creating A Friendship With God

An Interview By Bev Dombrowski, M.A.

     Neale Donald Walsch is the author of Conversations with God, (Books 1, 2 and 3), and Friendship with God. He is currently working on Communion with God. Neale is a vitally charged man with a passion for sharing his dialogues with God with anyone open to new information. This interivew was held on January 27, 2000 in Ashland, Oregon, where Neale and his wife, Nancy, have formed ReCreation, a non-profit foundation for personal growth and spiritual understanding, with the goal of giving people back to themselves.

Bev:  When and where were you born, Neale?

Neale:  September 10, 1943, in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bev:  Simply put, how would you characterize your early childhood?

Neale: My childhood was very happy. In fact, I have had a terrific life, meeting special people and doing wonderful things. I couldn’t have asked for better friendships or adventures. My family was poor, but it didn’t occur to me to complain because I wasn’t aware of our circumstances in comparison to others. I had the typical sadnesses of growing up. I was a small, thin child, who was not very muscular, and I sometimes felt left out because of what I thought to be physical shortcomings. I now consider these feelings to be part of growing up and discovering Who You Are.

Bev:  It seems to me I read something in Friendship with God about your wanting to become a priest around the age of 14. Can you elaborate on this topic for our readers?

Neale:  Of course, all of my family were dedicated Catholics, and I used to sit and talk with many of the priests. After spending numerous hours with them in deep discussions about theology, I made the decision to become a priest. At the time, I was thought to have “the calling.”

Bev: Did you follow through on this desire?

Neale:  No, my father insisted that I was too young to make that kind of decision, and by the time I was a few years older, I realized there were other interests to pursue. I feel my father was right in asking me to wait until I was more mature to make this choice, although the situation could have been handled more delicately.

Bev:  Do you have a favorite among your books or does it follow that the last one is always the best?

Neale:  Well, I think so. Right now I am working on Communion with God, and it is an astonishing book. I believe people will eventually think this is the best of the five dialogues, and it will be no surprise to me, because the material in the books deals with increasingly sophisticated understandings.

     For instance, in Communion with God, He talks about the fact that not only are we not living the Ten Commandments, assuming they are important, but we are actually living the Ten Illusions. He then lists the Ten Illusions of Man and outlines in the following ten chapters each of those illusions and how one leads to another. He talks about how the whole set of illusions serves to create the entire cosmology of our life on this planet as we have experienced it — the lack, the limitation, the competition, the wars and the negativity that proceeds from these elements.

Bev: Do these experiences serve a useful purpose even though we may view them as negative aspects in our lives?

Neale:  That’s right. That’s the point He makes in the book — not to step outside of the illusion but to continue living within it; just be sure you know that it IS an illusion, so that you can use it rather than have it use you.

How To Use God

Bev: You have had many wonderful reviews about the three Conversations with God books, so I would like to focus on your recent book, Friendship with God, since I have just finished reading it.  The Seven Steps to friendship with God appear to be a very important message in the book.  These are:  1) Know God  2) Trust God 3) Love God 4) Embrace God 5) Use God 6) Help God and 7) Thank God. I understand most of these steps, but “using” and “helping” God seem to be a little ludicrous. The connotation for “using someone” is usually negative in our language, and does God really need OUR  help?

Neale: Nothing would frustrate me more than if I knew that my children (and I have nine of them) had a need or a problem and didn’t use what I have to offer them, whether this is the money I have, or the wisdom I think I have, or the experiences in life I have had.

     As an example, one of my children recently was facing a financial emergency and didn’t tell me about it until it was almost too late. Her response to me was, “I didn’t want to use you.” My reply to her was, “What is the point of my earning this money if I can’t use it to help those I love?”

Bev: I see what you mean about the interpretation of the word “use.” It has to do with semantics.

Neale: Yes, and it also involves a very important principle: unless our gifts are used by others to help them, we feel terribly unfulfilled. So, using each other (and the very being of Who We Are) is the whole basis on which we experience self-expression, and therefore, self-fulfillment, and God loves nothing more than to fulfill itself. It is God’s great joy to know who God is, experientially, not just conceptually. When God can play God, and be God, is when God is happiest. So don’t ever shy away from asking someone if you can “use” their help.

The Magic Lamp

     It is like having a wonderful, magic lamp and refusing to rub it, for fear the genie will be mad at us, and all the while the genie is just begging to get out.  What you have to understand is the genie, or God, is waiting to get out and be of use to you. That’s what He is really saying to us.  “Thank God, you rubbed the lamp.  Don’t ever feel you can’t do that. Otherwise, what is the point of having a true friendship with God?”

     This is true of all good friendships, as well. Friendships are really friendships when they are used.  God would have us understand that to “use” another person is to give them back to themselves. They can’t be truly Who They Are unless they have an opportunity to express that awareness.

     The difficulty is that some people confuse the terms “use” and “abuse.” And so, when “use” becomes “abuse,” this is in- appropriate behavior. This is why there is such a negative connotation of the word “use.”  So we need to reconceptualize the semantics of the word. I would summarize that thought by saying that no one can be Who They Are unless others invite them to be. That is true for God as well as all of us.

How To Help God

     The other question was about how to “Help God.” Of course God doesn’t need help in the strictest sense of the word, as we understand it.  When we do help God, we express Who We Really Are. What we need to realize is that God is “up to something.” He/She isn’t just sitting around doing nothing; God is seeking to experience Himself/Herself in the many manifested forms. When you experience yourself as Who You Really Are, then God experiences Itself as Who It Really Is. So how you “help” God is by helping yourself to a huge plate of Who You Are — by expressing yourself in the very grandest of ways.

Bev: So as we do this, we are helping God?

Neale: Yes, we are assisting God with the process of “godding.” There is no such thing as God and me — there is only us, so I am only really helping myself. Everything I do is helping God because I AM GOD. When we understand at a very deep level, esoterically, what God is up to, and allow that to be our mission, we begin to touch the whole world.


Bev: I was reading in Friendship with God the following information: “You have come to a knowingness that the PERFECT thing is going to occur. . . not that what you prefer is going to occur, but that which is PERFECT is going to occur. Have intentions, but don’t have expectations. Do not become addicted to a particular result.  Elevate your preferences to acceptances. That is the way to mastery. That is the way to peace. The Master is one who always agrees with results, even if they do not appear favorable, because He knows that at some level He must have intended them.” Many of us have trouble expecting too much in certain situations. Have you found an easy way to avoid having expectations?

Neale:  Only when I changed my perspective to the fact that life was not happening to me but through me. It was only then could I see the perfection that I have created.

Bev:  I get the reasoning for this. Looking at everything as being perfect has to change the direction of your life dramatically. No more expecting things to be a certain way; just acceptance of the way things are. That is a giant leap in consciousness for most of us.

Neale:  Believe me, everything begins to shift. A vicious cycle in thinking starts to reverse. As soon as we begin to see everything as perfect, life becomes very peaceful and calm.

Bev: Well, you seem to have a real handle on this situation. As I read the book, I said to myself, this is one part I honestly need to take to heart and remember because living will be so much easier. Accepting what happens to us in life as our own intention is a great functional understanding — and one not to be forgotten.

Neale: Well, my mother often said to me something I will never forget.  “If you think this (a particular event) will bother you when you are ninety sitting in your rocking chair, then let it bother you now. Otherwise let it go.”

The New Gospel

Bev:  As far as I am concerned, the most important message in Book 4, Friendship with God, has to do with The New Gospel.

Neale: Thank you, so do I. We are certainly in agreement.  I’m glad you realized that this information is very important to share.

Bev:  I want to find out more about that concept because it is truly the heart of the book.  What it is saying, in essence, is that “Ours is not a better way; ours is merely another way.”  As you asked God on page 357 of the book, “You are saying that there is no ‘right way’ to God?”

     His answer to you was, “That is what I am saying. Exactly, precisely, unequivocally. There are a thousand paths to God, and every one gets you there.” Your response was, “So we can stop saying, ‘Ours is the better God’ (the better way)?”

     God then says to you, “Yes, you can.  But will you?  That is the real question.  It will require you to give up your ideas of SUPERIORITY, and that is the most seductive idea human beings ever had. It has seduced the entire race.  It has justified the wholesale slaughter of members of your own species and every other species of sentient being on your planet.”

     “This one single thought, that you are somehow BETTER than someone else, has caused all the heartache, all the suffering, all the cruelty, all the inhumanity that you have inflicted on each other.”

     “Again I say, put an End to Better. For this is The New Gospel:  There IS no master race. There IS no greatest nation. There IS no one true religion.  There IS no inherently perfect philosophy. There IS no always right political party, morally supreme economic system, or one and only way to Heaven.”

     “Erase these ideas from your memory.  Eliminate them from your experience.  Eradicate them from your culture. For these are thoughts of division and separation, and you have killed each other over these ideas. Only the truth I give you here will save you: 1) We are all One 2) There’s enough and 3) Love is all there is.”

     “Carry this message far and wide, across oceans and over continents, around the corner, and around the world.”

Bev: Would you share your feelings about this message with our readers?

Neale:  Well, my first thought is that God has made it clear to me that differences don’t have to be divisions. In the new book, Communion with God, He talks about the Eighth Illusion of Man, which is that Absolute Truth exists. We have to have that illusion in order to know the conditions under which we are doing right and wrong in our lives.

     It follows then that those who believe in the illusion of Absolute Truth will feel SUPERIOR to those who don’t. To put it simply, we actually kill others over the idea that somehow by some twist of fate we are better than they are. And, unless we can eliminate the idea of “betterness” from our culture, we will never solve our problems or heal the deepest wounds in society.

Bev: Well, I have felt this way for quite some time. We all know people who think their information is “absolutely” better than anyone else could have.

Neale: Which, in truth, somehow makes them think THEY are better than others who have a different agenda.

     The invitation that I have carried to audiences all over the world this past year involves a simple challenge to ministers, rabbis, priests, political parties, philosophers, scientists, or any other leaders to get up in front of their groups and say, “Ours is not a better way; ours is merely another way.” This challenge is to all people who think they have THE TRUTH, or Absolute Truth — to help them understand that there is always more than one point of view on anything. The humble willingness to acknowledge that “our way of thinking is not necessarily a better way but just another way” will shift everything on our planet and end the very reason for most of the conflicts from our dinner tables to our battlefields.

Bev: Well, Neale, the thoughts you express in your books have drawn me to hear you speak several times. It’s as if I am called to share in these words at some deep level.

Neale: It seems to me, too, that since we are now in the 21st century, there has been a shift, and it is almost as if someone rang a bell somewhere and all of the people who agreed to do a lightworking job are starting to find each other. And in this process of self-identification, we are discovering that there are more and more people that share in our belief system. I can tell you, truly, that the most comforting feeling I have had over the past five years is the awareness that 1) I am not alone and 2) Love is the key.

Bev: I want to end this wonderful interview with these words from Friendship with God. “For as all people develop a new consciousness about God, they will develop a new relationship WITH God, abandoning the notion of a vengeful, unknowable deity, and developing a working, functional Friendship with God. That, in turn, will bring an end to the belief that has produced so much misery in our lives: the belief that one or us, or one group of us, is somehow better than another.” Thank you Neale, for sharing these special thoughts with our readers.

Neale:  It was my pleasure, Bev.

     Editor’s Note: Neale Donald Walsch lectures and hosts workshops across the country, and around the world, to support and spread the messages in his books.  I encourage each of you who are drawn to his work to read his books. They are profoundly inspiring and have helped change my life remarkably.

Letters To The Editor

A Remarkable Connection

Hi Bev,
      Enclosed is a cheque for a one-year subscription to The Light Messenger. The extra is to help you do what you do!

    I came to The Light Messenger via a Canadian friend visiting Sonoma, CA six years ago, via re-reading her information last month, via ordering Dianne Robbins’ The Call Goes Out From The Subterranean City Of Telos, and then reading an enclosed copy of The Light Messenger. Isn’t God awesome?

      I’m 80 years of age, and when I was 13, my grandfather gave me a painting of Mt. Shasta for my birthday, and I’ve always felt drawn to it.  Now I know why.

    God bless you in what you do!  I’d be interested in how your awareness came about.  We are the Light, and I send mine to you in God’s Love.

                     Anne Wake
                     Nepian, Ontario, Canada

     P.S. My name evolved from Betty Anne Weitzel. I chose and deeply resonate with the name Anne. After that I met and fell in love with a Mountie, Jim Wake, while nursing in Alaska in the forties. Now I am “A. Wake.” The family Coat of Arms motto is:  Watch and Pray.

     Editor’s Note: Thank you so much, Anne, for your generous contribution to the work of The Light Messenger. I also appreciate Dianne sending you a copy of the newsletter with her book. That is great networking! I want to say that your name apparently serves you well because you seem to be very spiritually “awake,” to say the least.

     I was teaching school when I was introduced to metaphysics through a channeling with Ascended Master Kuthumi in 1980. He opened my eyes to a whole new world of Self-Love, Divinity and Oneness. For more information on this journey, please visit our website:

Special Commentaries

     Loved your article on Janus in the February issue of The Light Messenger.  You do such a wonderful job with this publication.

                  Love and blessings,
                  Cindy Gear, Sacramento, CA

     Yours is the one publication that I think of, not as a want, but as a “necessity.” Thank you very much for helping me feel connected.

                  Sincerely, in love and light,
                  Deborah Chandler,
                  Orangevale, CA

     It is so wonderful to hear from you once every month (via The Light Messenger).  Your publication gets better and better.

                  Gerri Burch, Rio Vista, CA

     Your material resonates so strongly with my own beliefs and background. Nice to find another kindred soul.

                  John Harris, Fair Oaks, CA

     The information you are finding to put into The Light Messenger is so astounding. I truly love reading it from cover to cover.

                  With much love always,
                  Dianne Robbins, Rochester, NY

Editor’s Choice

     I would like to restate Neale Donald Walsch’s very simple  words. “To those who think they have The Only Truth, I offer this: to acknowledge that our way of thinking is not necessarily a better way, but just another way, will shift everything on our planet and end the reason for most conflicts from our dinner tables to our battlefields.”  My response:  be sovereign in your Self. There is no one way to do anything; there is no one way to be.              Love, Bev

Confessions Of An Intergalactic Anthropologist

Marcia S. Schafer, M.A. — Book Commentary

Book Description

        It’s no longer a question of “if” we are having extraterrestrial contact, but rather “why” and “how.”  Marcia Schafer explains how cosmic visitors can be here, often unseen, and shares their explanations for Who We Are and our place in the universe. Their disturbing revelations contradict knowledge we have been taught since the beginning of time.

        In Confessions Of An Intergalactic Anthropologist, these alien races declare we are on the threshold of meeting our true ancestors, and they are not the apes from Darwinian evolution. Our history as a species is quite different from what we have been led to believe, and our ideas concerning reality, and how we fit into the grand scheme of the universe, will soon be challenged. We are about to enter a chapter of evolution that will witness genetic mutations and DNA driven changes in consciousness. This next stage will lead to a new way of life as Earth journeys through space and enters another dimension.

        Does this sound like science fiction?  It’s not. A believable business executive with a medical, scientific and research background, Marcia Shafer draws on her professional knowledge to explain the “how” and “why” behind a lifetime of encounters with extraterrestrial life. Her grounded approach to our alien connection helps bring credibility to the hotly contested topic of contact.

        Some of the chapters in her book include:  Who’s Out There — The Nature of Reality — A Different Religious History Than Our Records Reveal — How They Communicate — Space/Time Travel — What’s Behind The Phoenix Lights.

About The Author

        Marcia Schafer delivers a powerful vision of what life is going to be like in the future and how you can adapt in order to be prepared. An author and consulting futurist who specializes in helping you get ready for the challenges of the 21st century, she uses a rare combination of present-day business teachings, modern science, ancient philosophy and intuitive insight to help you stay successful.

        An intelligent executive with corporate and entrepreneurial experience, she is owner and founder of Beyond Zebra, a visionary consulting practice, and Cosmic Destiny Press, a small press publishing house with a focus on consciousness and global evolution. Marcia’s many years as a sought-after quality management expert and healthcare executive enhances her analytical skills.

        Her master’s degree in business, bachelor’s degree in nursing and undergraduate studies in anthropology contribute to her insight into human behavior and business outcomes. In addition to her professional success, Marcia possesses intuitive gifts that allow her to see beyond the boundaries of our third-dimensional world. Her new book, Confessions Of An Intergalactic Anthropologist, reveals her experiences with life beyond this world, and explains what this means to us.

Why I Came Forward

        Why Me? I have been asked by some people. “Why do these things happen to you? Why not someone else?”  The truth is that these things often do happen to others, only they won’t always admit to it, at least in public. Only now, things are changing. People just like me are coming forward by the hundreds to tell their truth.

        Although others have made claims of extraterrestrial contact, each of us brings a different facet to the phenomenon. We each describe what we have experienced with other life forms, thus providing slightly different perspectives about a common event. I am hopeful that those who have yet to undergo “alien” communication will benefit by learning from our common viewpoints about these encounters.

        I am coming forward at this time to participate in the release of new information that is scheduled to help us have a greater understanding of Who We Are, where we are going and what will soon come our way. Most people are no longer asking “if” things are happening, but rather “why” and “how.” Along with this change, events that were once considered incredible are being accepted as commonplace. There is a new receptivity to information about life outside our planet, beyond the third dimension of reality in which we live. It is my hope that this publication will be instrumental to those who want first-hand understanding of what it is like being in the presence of other forms of cosmic life.

        Those of us stepping out now are somewhat like the early voyagers to the New World. Soon, I expect a multitude of undeniable incidents will flood our lives and books like this will no longer be needed. It was a difficult ordeal bringing forth this information because I was concerned about the repercussions upon my life and professional credibility. I originally intended to write under a pseudonym to avoid attention and to protect my privacy. However, I was quickly shown that anonymity is not part of the “bargain.” I was told that revealing my professional background, academic credentials and grounded approach to life would enhance the credibility of the contents. As our cosmic friends prepare us to accept that they are here and have been for some time, they seem to find my ability to translate their communiques about life, reality and universal laws appealing.

        By revealing this side of my life, perhaps people will realize that these things can and do happen to ordinary people.  Nonetheless, I know there will be those who feel safer considering me unstable, lost in fanciful realms of fiction or unable to distinguish between true conditions of reality. This does not discourage me. I am prepared for whatever comes my way.

      I admit, if I were not the author, I am not sure I would believe what appears on the pages of my book. After all, tales about messages from unseen sources, visits from extraterrestrial beings and knowledge from spiritual entities seem like they should be science fiction. Yet, despite my attempts to ignore and deny these situations, I KNOW they have happened, and are as real as any other activity in my life.  I now realize that it is not necessary to choose one reality over another; we need only change the focus of our momentary attention. We live in a multidimensional world that contains myriad possibilities. The only LIMITATION is what we choose to recognize and accept.

       The two parts of my book take different approaches to imparting information.  Part One is a personal account of my struggle to reconcile and accept the events in my life, particularly the mysterious visits from many unknown beings. Part Two, the Teachings of the Spiritual Elders, contains information channeled from a consciousness much older and wiser than humanity.  Their reflections about society offer guidance intended to help us grow.

        For those unfamiliar with channeling, it is communication from a source that joins the person speaking. Some people leave their body, like a trance medium, while others (like me) stay conscious and are aware of what is happening while in an altered state.

Often, I am unsure of what is going to be said, but sometimes I sense it moments before the words are uttered.  When I channel, there is usually a feeling of powerful, unconditional love, coupled with wisdom and understanding. While in that state, I have access to fascinating knowledge about things I did not know existed.

Face-To-Face Contact

        Besides the channeling, I have had significant face-to-face extraterrestrial contact throughout my life. Although I have repeatedly tried to ignore, repress and hide this, I must acknowledge the incredible gifts I gained through these experiences. These space travelers have taught me about many secrets of the universe that are based on scientific laws with which we have yet to become familiar.

        At first I doubted whether the information was accurate, but after I began to search physics books and contemporary literature about alien encounters, I was shocked to find validation of what I experienced. I have seen their androids, time travel, processes to perpetuate mass illusions, genetic manipulation and even transfer of souls into clones. They have told me things about our government that I would NOT have believed, if I had not heard later validating reports in the news.

         I do not have scientific proof of my encounters, and I probably never will unless they decide differently; I can only offer my personal account. However, I have often had knowledge beyond that of the general population, and those who know this secret side of me have sometimes sought me out for answers that might not readily be found elsewhere.

        Now, I have been asked to come forward as one of many who will help our planet prepare for intergalactic communication as we enter a new phase of civilization. I have been told that a global effort is going to commence over the next few years to increase our awareness of other intelligent life forms. According to these others, they are preparing us for an unveiling of the truth about Who We Really Are.  This message was given to me in an abrupt and unexpected visit just days after the “Phoenix Lights” episode, when many people throughout the city reported sighting UFOs one evening. After a long reflection about the possible consequences of admitting to be a contactee, I decided to participate. (Editor’s Note: I connected with Janus of the Pegasus Mothership (see Janus Channelings) within 11 days of the Phoenix Lights event in 1997.)

        Following are some editorial reviews about Marcia’s new book:

Sean David Morton, Radio Talk Show Host:  There is no one like her out there today. She brings a fresh new face to the field. This book is going to be a huge success.

Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean, U.S. Army Retired, International Lecturer and UFO Researcher:  Probably the most incredible thing I can say about this book is, in my opinion, it is true — this is a book from an author whose time has come.

Peter Gersten, Director, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy:  It is gratifying to see another emergence from the last of our “closets.” Ms. Schafer is a true heroine in coming forward and proclaiming, “I have been and still am in contact with other forms of extraterrestrial intelligence.”

Michael Lindemann, Executive Director, CNI News: Marcia Schafer is among the most clear and grounded experiencers we have today.

Nexus Magazine: There are some remarkable revelations in this book, all the more so, seeing Schafer is a logical, rational, common-sense type of person.

        Editor’s Note: Those of us who channel extra-dimensional intelligences owe a real debt of gratitude to Marcia Schafer. There is no doubt in my mind that we are living in one of the most revelatory periods in our planetary history. Many are now making the choice to recognize other life forms. Bravo!

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