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Super-Consciousness:  The Flame Of Freedom
St. Germain Through Azena

Spirit, Soul And Oversoul

        There is a grand creative life force that is the Source you call God. It is the All-In-All-In-All, the ALL-THAT-IS. It is in everything and everywhere. As an aspect of God, each consciousness is also a divine creative force. In other words, in time past, as you term past to be, your creative force, the Source, desired further experience, and being the omnipotent energy that it is, created for itself expressions that could bring about those experiences. Thus were born your souls, as you would call them—your oversouls. Those particular oversouls desired for themselves further expression, for they were too concentrated to diverge into matter—into third dimension. There was too much energy. So they decided for themselves to coagulate into dense physical matter. In doing so, they divided themselves into entities, as you would term them to be, each having a part of that oversoul as its soul. Realize the soul came from and is part of the Source; it is all One and yet it is not. That is the paradox. There are other entities beside you who are part of your oversoul. You are merely an aspect of that oversoul, but you are grand and divine in and of yourself. First of all, the oversoul is part of your entire God Self. Your soul and your Spirit are different. Your Spirit is what allows you to operate in your body. It is merely the energy body that surrounds and is within your physical body.  Your soul is part of the oversoul and the Source that carries forth with it your soul memories, your experiences, your wisdom, your  compassion, your love. Together they make up YOU, or Who You Are. By the way, the expression 'gut feeling' came from your solar plexus.  This is where your soul resides.


        On Earth you have what is called the golden rule: Do unto others. . .indeed!  Some have a misunderstanding of this saying:  Do one to others, as they do one to you.  That is what causes your battles—the wars upon the plane—the ravishing of the Earth's surface—the disharmony of her peoples. The majesty of the kingdom of heaven is upon the Earth, within the peoples, within your lives. All of you are kings and queens, Gods and Goddesses, ruling the kingdom of your own heaven, your own creation, your own manifestation of mystical magic. Those not desirous of going hence into super-consciousness, into the golden nebula of Christus, will remain upon third density Earth plane, while others go into fourth density rapture. Now, the rapture is exactly that: ecstatic explosion of eternal nowness within your experience. It is not a catching up of an entity into the heavens in angelic form to be locked away forever. It is an understanding of life in its beauty and brilliance and magnificence, as you create it to be. The rapture will allow you to perceive fourth density, which is an exchange of frequency, a shift into different gears, as it were. Therefore, third density will no longer perceive you, for you will be simultaneously existing, co-existing in the same space/time, but merely not perceived (by third density), because it is of a different frequency. You will be in allowance of your brethren, respecting your differences. A convergence is the understanding of unity and diversity at one time. It is knowing and honoring Oneness and knowing and honoring difference - uniqueness, as one snowflake salutes another. You will come to know peace within your breast—an alignment and attunement with serenity, with harmony, with resonance in joy. Super-consciousness will be a celebration of celestial song. Many will have tongues and lips that rise with certain wisdom but their hearts hide out from love. They will remain in third density. They will remain upon the consciousness of the Earth plane that is of heaviness, that desires to continue within rigorous restrictions, limitations, frustration and bondage. They are bound to their preconceived ideas of life, their notion that life exists only in the senses of density, of physicality. They will come to know God in their own ripeness of time. Any of you may pluck the fruit of super-consciousness any time you choose. Higher vibration, expanded awareness, even ascension, can be understood in the moment of your choice. You can penetrate instantaneously the veils of all the dimensions, of all limitations, of all the planes of awareness, in one moment—in one choice of divine thought.

Multidimensional Experience

        Choosing this thought of ascension, of Oneness, of stepping forth into the eternal void, into the merging of the Mother/Father principle of life, you may also choose to simultaneously continue in one or another manner of density.  For you are not limited!  You are God!  You are omnipotent!  You are not limited to ascension. You may ascend and have limited experience simultaneously. That is what you call multidimensional experience. Simultaneity expressed is all the levels of awareness of that which be YOU, all the understandings of experience, all the expressions of your soul essence in different manners and manifestations -- in myriads of forms and fashions.

The Oneness—God I AM

        It is all occurring at once.  There is no past or present or future. There is only now. There are parallel nows, indeed.  There are alternate realities. You may choose in the moment one particular divine thought energy and the alternate choice also is chosen in another dimension. They co-exist simultaneously. This co-existence is the crystal cathedral of consciousness, the Christus of ALL-THAT-IS, in Oneness understood when you merge with the God I AM of you. Now, the expression 'happiness' has become meaningless to many of you. It is not understood by your soul essence.  It is merely verbiage spilled into the etheric atmosphere. Happiness is a choice of every moment!  It is a perfume that you cannot pour on others without spilling a few drops upon yourself.  It is, indeed, joyous in its fragrance.  It is God in its essence. Shift gears, as it were. When you gaze upon the ant on the ground that climbs its hills, understand it not as laboring on the Earth. Gaze into the depths of it. Be one with the consciousness of the ant.  It  is not your brother.  It is YOU!   That is what unity and harmonic convergence really is—not knowing the separation of differences—knowing only Oneness. Humanity will come to be known as one organism, one heart beating with one pulse, and that is the pulse of God, the pulse of peace within the veins of I AM.

Earth Vibrates According To The Consciousness of Humanity

        Now, in the days of your time to come, bring forth ladles full of love and drip it heartily upon Earth as she reflects you in the steaming vapors of forgiveness, of jubilation, of merging. The vapors and the mists from the volcanos, spewing mountains that come forth in their hotness, in their congestion, their anger—they also have a rhythm and a purpose. They release Earth's pressure through the song of explosion. Through the eruption, it is again aligned and re-attuned unto the harmonious heartbeat of humanity. The grandest gift you can give unto the Earth is your heart. Open it to love. Love her flora, love her mountains, love her babbling brooks and her silvery streams. Indeed, the lofty leaf in the tree—it is YOU.  It is the vibration of your reflection—an aspect, a facet of the grandeur of God of you.  You are the rainbow of life. Earth vibrates according to the consciousness of her humanity upon her.  That is known as mass consciousness. Your thought of peace and harmony is what changes the vibrations within her atmosphere.  Embrace her, caress her.  Allow her to taste of you, for you are her fruition.  You are her harvest.

Intergalactic Alignment

        As you bring forth collective consciousness of Christus unto the Earth, know that the Earth is merely one consciousness in which you are participating.  You are a participant within the galactic community, and you will come to know the intergalactic alignment and essence with you. Yes, all entities that come forth into this star system, this universe, are coming to understand  the glorious full kingdom of God. There are mountains upon other planes, upon other planets. There are oceans; they are crystalline. There, indeed is also humanity, your brethren. They may not look like you. You may be unfamiliar with their form, but they are your brethren. As you embrace one another without barriers and differences, you will also come into alignment of embracing your brothers of space and of the Inner Earth. They will make themselves known to you if you will call out to them and allow them to know your desires. Allow them to know the Oneness within your heart. You will then see their craft, and you will have visions of grandeur beyond your perception.

The Flame Of Freedom

        I urge you all, fervently, to state unto the universe, unto the multiverses: I AM!  I am God!  I am life.  I am God. I AM.  As you state this knowingness, you raise your frequency.  The vibration of I AM will begin to pulsate within you. The violet flame will become ignited within you, and the flame of freedom will set you free from limitation. This is how you set your planet free!  This is how you bring peace upon the land and to your own heart. You align and attune your own song, your own tone! OM—God I A M.  Flame of freedom I AM.  You are the regent.  You are the stars! I am here to reflect as a mirror unto you what you already know, but have long since forgotten. Indeed, there is a mist within your eyes. You may sparkle. You may glisten. But your brillance is not understood, because you are the eye of God! YOU are the beholder and the beholden! YOU are the soul of the universe, the Spirit of the galaxy, the consciousness of Christ.  Rejoice in this. It is a celebration. It is a time of happiness and harvest.  It is, indeed, the ripeness of time for the reaping of the seeds that you have sown eons ago. Remember Atlantis and Lemuria! Remember your knowingness. Call it forth unto your essence! Be the fountain of your own wisdom. You need not I to understand life. You need not anyone. Unseal that which has been sealed. You may see beyond and know beyond the veil of forgetfulness. Reverberate to the resonance of lavender, of violet.  It is the merging and the balancing of the polarities, known as male/female, power/love. Become the violet flame of freedom. Carry it forth as a torch to humanity; illumine the galaxy with it, for it is YOU.

Be Unlimited And Perceive The Infinite

        The lands of Earth are coming into unlimitedness. You can now understand the impossible. You can experience the imperceivable. This is the conception. A moment of igniting that is yet to be born—the experience of super-consciousness, the supernova of God understood. The door is open now. You may go beyond. The frequencies have been allowed to vibrate upon your plane in higher and higher celestial song. Love, indeed, lifts you higher.  So does laughter.  Be the light of love and laughter. As the dusk dawns, as the darkness delights in its experience of the heavens, as the silvery ball, the jewel of luminescence, creeps and dances her way into the sky of night, the crickets begin their song of the meadow. As the night-bird bawls and the cry of the babe is stilled, allow the stillness to be a silent symphony.  So be it!

        Editor's Note: This inspirational message from Saint Germain was taken from Earth's Birth Changes channeled through Azena.

The New Millennium

   The next twenty years will see the most rapid period of change human civilization has ever known. The Earth Mother is about to give birth to a New Age. If things seem to be moving fast now, we can only imagine how fast they will seem to move when the soul and spirit are allowed to interpret our reality in proper relationship to the ego, as God would have it.
   When this happens we will be using the other 90% of our brains to process information. In truth, we are still living in the dark ages, or like cave men, compared to what it will be like when we are utilizing the lightening-like ways of Spirit to process information. All new technologies will no longer be based on limited egotistical and materialistic thinking. The technologies of the future will all be environmentally helpful, not hurtful. They will also be based on the ability to transcend time, space, and gravity.
   Each of us has a type of etheric antenna that connects us to the guidance of soul and spirit. This antenna becomes disconnected when we indulge in anger and fear. By learning to transcend the negative ego, we remain connected to superior spiritual guidance. By constantly choosing God rather than ego, we will not lose our full sensitivities and attunement.
   In the future, ego and spirit will work in harmony. We are living in an astonishing period of history. After ten million years, humanity is about to fully awaken. It is a great blessing to be incarnated at this time in Earth's history. Our work in the coming years is to prepare ourselves and others for the reappearance of the Christ (consciousness), the externalization of The Great White Brotherhood, and the mass awakening to the interconnectedness of all life. We are One. From The Complete Ascension Manual by Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.

The Inner Continents: Admiral Byrd's Secret Diary

   Admiral Byrd on his historic flight to the North Pole went "beyond" the Pole into an actual opening that leads inside the Earth to an awareness of another part of this planet. Here he met with masterful beings who revealed to Byrd the truth about the mysteries of the Inner Earth. The following is a conversation held with the leader of this group:
   "We have let you enter here because you are of noble character and well-known on the Surface World, Admiral. You are in the domain of the Arianni, the Inner World of the Earth, and I shall tell you why you have been summoned here. Our interest rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. You see, we have never interfered before in your race's wars and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely, that of atomic energy. Our emissaries have already delivered messages to the powers of your world, and yet they do not heed. You see, our culture and science is many thousands of years beyond your race, Admiral.
   So, now, I say to you, my son, there is a great storm gathering in your world. There will be no answer in your arms - there will be no safety in your science. It may rage on until every flower of your culture is trampled, and all human things are leveled in vast chaos. When that time arrives, we shall come forward again to help revive your culture and your race. Perhaps by then you will have learned the futility of war and strife." From Discover a New World: The Inner Continents by Dr. Harley Byrd, the nephew of Admiral Byrd.

The Reality of UFO/Extraterrestrial Activity On Our Planet

   In January, 1996 information surfaced which constituted official government admission that UFO's exist and extraterrestrials are within our solar system. Stage #1 was the wire service report that the CIA had for decades used Dept. of Defense remote-viewers (clairvoyants) to spy on various intelligence targets of interest, (such as Saddam Hussein's hideout during the Gulf War in 1991).
   Stage #2 was the February publication of "Cosmic Voyage," by Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Emory University professor and military intelligence-trained remote-viewer. Brown's book reveals that remote viewers in the DIA, NSA, Army Intelligence and Security Command broadened their viewers to focus on extraterrestrials visiting earth. An informed source indicates that Major Dames, Dr. Brown's trainer, provided RV briefings to U.S. Congress members as early as 1986. Reported among dignitaries being briefed was Senator, now Defense Secretary, William Cohen.
   Stage #3 is the current flood of "leaks" by former Army, Air Force, NASA, intelligence and defense contractor insiders which constitute an indirect public admission by the government that it has amassed impressive details about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors.
   In April, 1996 Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell was interviewed on the Dateline Program on NBC. Mitchell said that he has been in contact with government officials in the U.S. and U.S.S.R. who told him that: 1) extraterrestrials are real; 2) they are here on Earth; 3) the government has some of their technology; and 4) extraterrestrials have talked to a number of government officials. From Labored Journey To The Stars by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

The Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood - Order of Melchizedek

   Ever since man has been, the Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood after the Order of Melchizedek has been. It is spiritual, as God is spiritual. It is birthless, ageless and deathless. It is not a mundane organization, having no earthly lodges nor any material buildings or churches made of brick, steel or stone. It is not founded on any man-made dogma, creed or ritual. It is free from any influence or persuasion, and its authority and power come from the Eternal Divine Source of Pure Being.
   The word "Melchizedek" is the Only One All-Inclusive word for the Brotherhood of Man. In Hebrew, it is a combination of two words, "Melchi," meaning King, and "Zedek," meaning righteousness, the right use of consciousness and all our mental faculties.
   Members of the Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood, who have ultimately risen to the "Melchizedek" plane, are referred to as Sons of God. In very ancient times the first Governors of nations and races were Melchizedek Priests and Kings. They were referred to as having Divine authority and were sent by the High Principle of Life, the "I AM," for the protection and benefit of humanity. Jesus is referred to as High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek. These very high spiritual beings are from many planets of this Universe, including Earth. They are extremely wise, expressing Divine intelligence beyond our mortal comprehension, and always work together as One. From The Ancient Mystical White Brotherhood by Frater Achad.

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