In 1963, I began collecting angels seemingly "out of the blue." Over the past forty years I feel that this project has evolved into a Divine trust in and love for all members of the Angelic Kingdom throughout the star systems, galaxies and universes.
   In 1980, I had several major spiritual awakenings in the State of Washington which ultimately led to a meeting/channeling with Ascended Master Kuthumi. This was my first experience with the Ascended Masters and it has profoundly affected my life since that time. As a result of new spiritual understandings received during this encounter, I opened "The New Age Center," a metaphysical bookstore and learning center in Stockton, California, where I had been an elementary school teacher and resource specialist for over 20 years. My goal at that time was to share my new (but, in reality, ancient) awareness of the Christ consciousness, the Oneness of All, and the Divinity (God Realization) within each of us as related to me by Ascended Master Kuthumi. The New Age Center grew to a gathering of over 500 interested participants until I moved out of the area several years later.
   In September, 1996 a trip to Sedona, Arizona, followed by an extended trip to Egypt several months later, began what was to be an unprecedented journey  into an awareness of multidimensional realities. In January, 1997, while living in Citrus Heights, California, I was led by the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm to begin work on THE LIGHT MESSENGER, a metaphysical newsletter. In March, 1997 I had another profound experience in connecting with Janus, an extraterrestrial on the Mothership Pegasus, part of a fleet of Lightships. This appeared to come about through my long interest in the mythology of Gods and Goddesses and the winged-horse, Pegasus, since childhood. I have always had a deep yearning to learn more about other lifeforms and I carry an unlimited awareness of other-worldly energies.
   By September, 1997, because of my connection to Janus, the extraterrestrial, THE LIGHT MESSENGER became an intergalactic newsletter. In my conversations with Janus and other channels, I learned he is my son in a future lifetime, and that my spiritual name is Dranda. I now channel Janus and the (Ascended) Masters of Light. Janus and I have recently finished writing a book entitled The Pegasus Lightship: A Journey With Janus.
   In November, 1997, I was guided by Archangel Gabriel and the Ascended Masters to move to Mt. Shasta, California, where I have a deep affiliation with the Lemurian energies. I lived there for over three years and loved every moment of it. I now live in Columbia, California, near the quaint foothill town of Sonora, where I can be closer to my children.

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