I began working with Janus in March, 1997. While sitting at the computer one night, I suddenly began receiving this message across my screen from what appeared to be an entity aboard a starship. I had been in contemplation about my lifelong companion, Pegasus - the winged horse of mythology - when this occurred. This entity told me he was the navigator on the Lightship Pegasus (the mothership), which is propelled by thought. I soon learned that our commitment had been made before this incarnation. I also received confirmation that my name as his mother in a future (or simultaneous) lifetime is Dranda.

    Janus went on to describe the Pegasus Lightship. "We are in command of a large fleet of Ships of Light. We are like a mobile city, and our main emphasis is genetically developing species of living organisms for the future. There are over 1,000 Lightships in the Pegasus Fleet that work on preparing the universe for changes in species development. All kinds of experiments are being conducted at this time. I am one of these experiments to develop a prototype of the ideal form to embody the new consciousness for Humanity."

    "I am a combination of humanoid and higher dimensional aspects, which include positive and loving reptilian characteristics. I am a little taller than the average human and wiry in nature. I have very large eyes (compared to humans), nostrils, (but I do not use oxygen to breathe), and an opening for nourishment. I do not eat the same food that you do. My body is smooth and I have a small appendage at the hips (pelvic area)."

    "As I explained before, we are developing prototypes (hybrids) of new genetic engineering that will have the ability to carry the Light using the emotion of Love to connect with all life forms. We are also working on memory banks that will be implanted into these prototypes, like myself, so they will have a connection to the past histories of the universes, galaxies and star systems."

    "We want to know as much about you as you do about us. Of course, we operate on a different vibrational frequency, but your species is moving up multidimensionally and can connect with us, if you choose to do so. I am a Light Being like yourself. One of my missions is to help you receive cosmic energies without feeling overwhelmed. I am friend and family to you."

    "All of the Pegasus Lightships are on alert for movement into deeper space as we press on toward a reunion with many other lifeforms in the next few years. Many of us have been waiting eons to advance to a higher evolutionary consciousness. Because of this concept of Oneness, when one culture evolves to a higher frequency, all others (who have chosen to do so) move cyclicly through time warps like a stone cast into rippling water. It is an unending vibratory process. We all move to the maximum point calling our species. It is like your salmon swimming upstream to lay eggs - we go the distance in furthering our spiritual heritage - laying a foundation for Spirit to grow."

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Creating Your Own Reality:
The Divine Power Of Thought

Janus Through Dranda

Introduction To Janus

     Dranda:  My meeting with Janus, the extraterrestrial, began on March 24, 1997 at 3:30 a.m. when he began talking telepathically with me. He has been my constant companion ever since. He told me that my lifelong interest in Pegasus, the flying horse, is related to a code I created to remind me of my connection to the Pegasus Mothership, which he says is propelled by thought. He also says that I am his mother, (Dranda), in a future or simultaneous lifetime. According to Janus, he is the navigator of the Pegasus Mothership.

The Divine Path Of God

     Janus: As we (in our interdimensional consciousness) watch humanity enjoy the trappings of the third dimensional reality — the physical domain — we are often amazed at the resiliency of your species to keep moving along the Divine Path of God, regardless of how narrow the trail becomes along the way. It is an evolutionary marvel, and we honor your dedication to this process.  (Editor’s Note:  Many life forms are watching our transition to the Fourth Dimension). We, of the Pegasus Lightships, are on alert for movement into deeper space (and spiritual transformation), as we press on toward a reunion with many different life forms in the next few years. Most of us have been waiting eons (as a large number of you have been doing) to advance to a higher evolutionary consciousness.

The Concept Of Oneness

     Because of the concept of Oneness, when one culture evolves to a higher frequency, all others (who have chosen to do so) move cyclicly through time warps like a stone cast into rippling water. It is an unending vibratory process. We all move to the maximum point calling our species. It is like your salmon swimming upstream to lay eggs — we go the distance in furthering our spiritual heritage along the Divine Path of God — laying a foundation for Spirit to grow. But this can only be achieved through a true sharing of the concept “We Are All One,” which only comes with the ultimate understanding that there is only one of us acting out the many aspects of the Divine Source or God awareness. We are all, truly, creating one divine reality.

Divine Thought

     As was mentioned before, our Lightships are propelled by thought. The concept of Oneness allows each of us to use the power of the Universe to manifest our reality. When we connect to the All That Is, we have the power to create through our thoughts many things that are lovingly shared for the good of all. This feeling is what allows the manifestation process to be perfectly realized. We call this God Realization — merging with the divinity in all life forms.

     When you want to power a starship, you create the picture and then move it forward similar to writing with a pencil.  Your thoughts do that. They tell your fingers what to do — just like a computer writes what you want it to say. To run a starship, the thought is sent to move it along toward a certain trajectory, which happens in an instant. Of course, the Pegasus Mothership is out of the reach of gravity, as are all UFOs, and thereby travels completely by thought. Everything is telepathic in our part of the Universe. It is in yours, too, but you are mostly unaware of the fact. We wish to add that it takes a certain knowingness about how thought works to create your own reality.  This understanding is based on what is termed in your language as “Unconditional Love,” a powerful divine merging between souls that casts out all fear and doubt.

Unconditional Love

     This is love that is freely given with no preimposed conditions. In other words, it is pure love that is shared just for the sharing, and for no other reason — with no expectations in mind. IT IS TRULY GOD LOVING HIMSELF/HERSELF, because there is no separation of thought here or anywhere in the universes.  We are all One.

     It is important for those on the Earth plane to realize that Love and God are synonymous, and that when this is truly understood, you have merged with the Higher Self and completed the pattern of soul awareness and full ascension into higher frequency states of being. This is Prime Source working to move the human (and other) species into evolutionary growth. It is a cyclic vibrational process, which is constantly searching for itself or the GOD-SELF. Another name for this in your language is Self-Realization. One must love oneself unconditionally before he/she can love others unconditionally. Forgiveness and acceptance of Self must occur before there can be a full understanding of what it means to love all Selves as One.

About Our Selves

     We call ourselves genetic engineers.   We are working on DNA changes which involve adjusting the helixes to accommodate certain adjuncts to the bodies or corrections in levels of molecular structure. It has to do with atomic imprinting of species. We are also working on the interbreeding of species to promote an understanding of the heart and its relationship to feelings and emotions. We look at it from a different perspective, but that is what you would call it. This is an important element missing from some of the body formations in the universal linkage of species. Certain life forms have had emotions in the past but decided to genetically alter this trait out of their body structures. They now realize that feelings are important in the process of developing love for themselves and others as a part of spiritual evolution.

ETs And Spirituality

     Humanity has asked many times if we are spiritual beings. Yes, in the sense that all humans are spiritual (having a connection to Prime Source). It is what you choose to create as your embodiment of spiritual qualities that is relevant and, perhaps, different to ours. (Some ETs still have a more active warrior mentality, but are spiritual, nevertheless.) We seem to have much fewer labels than you do. We don’t require them. We just ARE. There is really nothing to do or believe. Everything is connected, anyway, so we just accept our role in creation. Humans have a direct need for conformity in many ways. This has to do with control of the masses, which your religious, political and social hierarchies have done for centuries. By contrast, we have a real need for freedom.

The Power Of Thought

     Our minds are powerful conceivers of thought throughout the many galaxies and universes. On the higher dimensional planes, telepathic thought is the prime communication process since words are no longer necessary or functional at those levels. Even on the physical plane, thoughts create your reality, but there is a mode of feeling (love) and knowingness that is a prerequisite for creative manifestation on this plane of existence.

     It all starts with a statement of intention and desire to create a counterpart of certain acknowledged THOUGHTS already in form on the etheric plane. That’s where creation begins — as a reflection of what has already been formulated in the mind. Loving yourself unconditionally and accepting the idea that you are a powerful Creator initiates the process of manifesting what you desire, but it takes practice, commitment, and deep intensity for thoughts to become a physical reality.

     Listening to the Self is important, because the God Within must speak to us with clarity and purpose before the sparks of creativity are awakened in our Selves. The power of thought works a little bit differently in each of us.  It depends upon our uniqueness as to how we create our own reality. It varies with individuality, but the basic glue (or Light) that holds the Divine Power of Creation together is an all-inclusive Love for everyone everywhere. It is also important to put yourself in the command position of Prime Creator. Know you can create (without fail) anything you choose to be, do or have. It is really a PERSONAL CHOICE that you, as God, wish to manifest for yourself.

The Fourth Dimension

Janus Through Dranda

     There are millions of universes working on spiritual growth. These include planetary alignments, star systems and galaxies that carry forth the great love of the Creator. Our cosmos involves vibratory frequencies to the 20th dimension and above. There is also a new genesis of consciousness on the many planes of existence, and it is designed to thrust the human and other species into forming alliances with each other. You are evolving toward these connections now. Your planet, Earth, is on the threshold of accepting the idea that many other extra-dimensional life forms exist throughout the universes.

     Speaking of other planes, is there a way to recognize fourth dimensional consciousness, Janus? Well, there are seven levels of understanding within this dimension. The lower levels are part of the astral plane where illusions are still lived to the fullest. Experiences are very emotion-based and consciousness is intensely expressed. The higher levels gradually move away from that intensity, and life is experienced in a calmer, more integrated way. Creation is understood as an instantaneous process.

     Each level has its place in the development of consciousness that is aligned with the Higher Self. You remember Who You Are by realizing Who You Are Not. In other words, you are not your body, your mind or your emotions. This understanding is a big step toward God Realization, when you ultimately become aware that you don’t have to create an illusionary existence to experience Who You Are. In a sense, the third dimensional plane is a highly creative, fun place to be. It also brings in the polarity of life which is difficult to transcend at times. As you overcome this duality within the transition to the Fourth Dimension, you will understand what Self-mastery truly means. You will also be less aware of the physical body, as you gradually move into the higher dimensions, because the elements of non-time and space will change your perceptions.

     There is a planet called Andrus that is similar in vibrational frequency to Earth. It is also moving into the Fourth Dimension as your planet is doing. Similarly it is seeking to divest itself of war-like tendencies and violence in its nature. In fact, there are many planets in this level of understanding, so you are not alone in your journey.  It is also important to know that new third dimensional planets are forming constantly. All nature is cyclic and continually reformulating itself.

     What about cellular changes in our bodies and minds as we move into the Fourth Dimension?

     You are actually restructuring a new cellular blueprint for the DNA matrix that affects the 12-strand helixes dealing with overall consciousness factors. This causes great changes in blood dispersion throughout the body, brain tissue alterations that deal with consciousness, and numerous transformative body/mind/spirit functions.

     Janus, is there an easy way to say all of this? In actuality, you are ascending into a different time/space continuum and a higher vibrational frequency that will allow you greater freedom as a species to be Self-determined in all phases of your existence. This has to do with the development of a more comprehensive understanding of the Higher Self, and how it coordinates all facets of your lives through unconditional love and caring for yourself and others.  Thank you, Janus for these inspiring words.      Love, Dranda

Are You Ready For A Telepathic Connection?

Janus Through Dranda

       Telepathy is many things: it is a wondrous way to share thoughts and ideas with a partner (or partners); it is instantaneous communication, if both parties are "tuned in" or "on the same wavelength" as they say in your language; it is the best way to make contact with other-dimensional entities, like myself; and it is not as mysterious as you who live on the Earth plane might think. It is the most natural way of communicating throughout the entire cosmos.

       You've all heard of ESP, I'm sure. That is Extra-Sensory Perception. Well, to most of you that means relying on your intuition to "sense" what is going on with another person. This often starts with a psychological knowingness or feeling about something -- like when the telephone is going to ring and who might be calling. One could think of it as an instinctive reaction to the environment. This is thought transference or mental telepathy (listening with the heart).

        As I said before, this type of communication works IF both parties are in a sending and receiving mode. In other words,  thoughts are things. They do not live in a vacuum. They "exist," but in order for them to be shared, someone must be LISTENING. It is the same situation when your Higher Self tries to communicate with you. It is not in a position to write down words to convey ideas and thoughts, so It must depend upon your openness and desire to hear what It has to say. That is the key to telepathic exchange everywhere.

       It is a known fact that there are other-dimensional entities throughout the galaxies who are interested in making telepathic contact with persons on other planets.  Yours is no exception. The main problem here is the spoken languages which distract from the telepathic process. But this can be overcome by creating the desire to make contact and knowing it can be done.

       Here are some steps for you:

        1)  Think about the type of connection you would "feel" comfortable receiving.  Contact in the universe is much the same as on your planet. You need to put out a signal that you are interested in "hearing" from someone. Be specific. This channel caught my attention because of her interest in Pegasus coupled with a great desire to find out more about how the universe works.  In a sense, we are family.

       2)  Then wait patiently and be a good listener. Meditate often. Go to sleep desiring this contact to happen. Allow thoughtforms from other sources to flow to and from you. It is most important that you pay close attention to these thoughts.  If you have too many distractions in your life, you will be unable to hear the beautiful sound of a true connection. Love and trust will be your best allies.       A friend in space, Janus

What Are Your Choices?

Janus Of The Lightship Pegasus

     With all that has been happening on the Earth plane recently, it might be helpful to take a moment to reflect on what choices will bring you joy and happiness. You might call it making a plan, but it is really just focusing your thoughts on attitudes that will protect your spiritual identity – Who You Are as a multi-dimensional being. Remembering the duality involved in your earthly consciousness, know that you will always be faced with “wanting to do the opposite,” and you often do that to learn the lessons associated with those decisions. But because of the vast acceleration of energies taking place on your planet, we wish to encourage your utmost consideration in developing prime choices for the now moment – choices involving love, peace, compassion, forgiveness and whatever brings you joy.

Listen To Your Heart

     Follow your instincts (listen to your heart) as you begin to make important decisions. You can “hope for the best,” but desires are manifested primarily through FOCUS and ACTION. You need to know what you want as specifically as possible, and then devote some attention toward creating your heart’s desire.

     The point of this exercise is: you already manifest everything in your lives in an unconscious manner. It is generally slow and unfocused to a degree. What we are saying is if you focused consciously on your choices, you could fulfill your dreams in an instant. It is done like this throughout the universes, and it is time you began to realize your great power in this way. But it takes practice to create a reality full of enjoyment and right action!

     We encourage each of you to honor your lives on the third-dimensional plane in spite of the threats of terrorism now so prevalent on your planet and the difficulties encountered while in duality. Focus on the “free will” you enjoy; it can lift you past despair into a state of grace. All you have to do is know you are in charge of your life’s energy, then focus and act. Take several moments each day to be still within and be one with the universe.

     Blessing others is one attitude of choice that will bring great joy; another is to feel grateful for everything you receive. And remember, the desire to help others always moves you closer to the universal consciousness. It is a choice made in heaven.

Janus Of The Lightship Pegasus

The Challenge Of Deception

Janus Of The Pegasus Lightship

Through Bev Dombrowski

     Greetings, dear friends. It is our privilege to share with you some thoughts about the challenges involved in dealing with deception in the third dimensional world.

     The most basic element of deception has to do with dishonest thought forms, which ultimately lead to trickery of some kind. This involves the idea of misleading someone to believe something that is not true. The behavior of deception is meant to fool or "dupe" someone into making a poor decision, whether it be sociological, psychological, political or financial.

Humans Want To Believe That Other Humans Are Inherently Good

     Part of the problem has to do with the fact that humans want to believe that other humans are inherently good at heart, and this is a true reflection at the soul level of humanity. But in the course of evolutionary progress on the third dimensional plane, human beings must play many roles, including that of the deceived and the deceiver. So it becomes a lesson to be honored on the way to understanding Who We Are.

     That does not mean you shouldn't be "on guard" against being deceived by others through their thoughts or actions. It is always your "free will" choice to play these roles, and you will create the circumstances for learning what you need to know about honesty vs. dishonesty. This is one of the most important lessons to be learned on the third dimensional plane.

     As you move through the fourth dimension, you will be guided to "speak the truth" in your dealings with others until this becomes second nature to you. There will be no cheating or false statements.

What To Do When You Feel You Have Been Deceived

     Take, for instance, when your government tries to cover up the truth of a certain situation, thereby seeking to deceive you. First, you need courage to dig deep and find a reasonable truth you can accept. This usually involves calling on several credible sources before acknowledging any information as accurate.

     Then there comes a point in time when you may want to take responsibility for challenging the deception and sharing the untruth and truth with others in some way. Depending upon the degree of falsity, taking a stand is never an easy thing to do because of the doubt and ridicule that may follow. So it is, again, your choice if you feel it is important enough to bring out the truth for all to see.

     There is deception in many areas of life on Earth: personal relationships, corporate policies, business advertising - it's everywhere to be challenged. Just remember, it is an honorable thing to do.       Love, Janus


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