Millions of years ago, the Earth, our dear Star, was destined to be dissolved by the Powers of Light because there was no illumination from it - there was no light, no radiation, no gift from the Planet Earth or her people to the Universe in return for the use of life. It is the Law of Life that, in order to sustain an intelligent form, there must be a blessing - there must be a benefit to the Universe from the investment of life bestowed upon it.
   The Beloved Sanat Kumara from the Planet Venus, after consulting with beloved Lady Master Venus - His Divine Complement, decided to offer His services to our Earth in order to release the necessary Light and Love from His own heart to hold our Planet Earth in the Solar System. His offer was accepted by the Solar Lords, and so He came with a group from Venus and made his abode at the Retreat known as Shamballa.
   It was necessary to devise a way and means of training and teaching the children of Earth how to expand their own spark of Divinity. Sanat Kumara and His Council prepared for this by establishing a Great Spiritual Order of God Beings known as "The Great White Brotherhood," whose duty and service was and still is to interest, teach, guide and protect the children of Earth, and draw them into the Brotherhood of God/Man.
   Through Their Own Great love, this Brotherhood began to awaken the Spiritual light in the souls of a few in the race. From the great mass of sleepers, they began to reach upward in consciousness and the Ascended Masters, reaching down, effected the first meeting between the Earth's people and Heavenly Beings.
   The forming of The Great White Brotherhood by Sanat Kumara was prompted by the requirements of the hour to re-establish a  conscious communion between the Ascended Master Realm and the outer consciousness of mankind. When the veil of maya separated mankind from its own "I AM" Presence, the Kingdom of the Angels and the Cosmic and Ascended beings, mankind was truly in a state of confusion and outer darkness. This Great Order then began the long and arduous task of endeavoring to reach the outer minds of a few who retained some concept of the REAL state of being in which Master, Angel, Elemental and Man walked and talked together serving a common purpose - to fulfill the Divine Plan of God.
   The first Two Spirits thus responding were in much later lives to become the Lord Gautama (Buddha) and Lord Maitreya. They asked for membership in the Council of Shamballa and accepted training and assistance to prepare Themselves to join in the great work of becoming Light Bearers to the world of men.

   The Great Angelic Kingdom, from time immemorial, has served mankind and God faithfully. Because They serve in Their entirety, without human will or desire, the nature of Their Being is obedience to Love. The Ascended Masters of Light and Wisdom, Who have from time to time, guided the progress of the Planets and their people, are well aware of the glorious companionship, friendship, and priceless service of the Angelic Host.
   Through special dispensation, the Angelic Host has become an active conscious part in mankind's worship, evolution and progress toward perfection. They are the Harbinger of Good and always precede Divine Manifestation as They did before the Birth of Jesus, and as They are now preceding the full unfoldment of the Golden Age.
   "When an Angelic Being has the conscious assistance of an individual on Earth, He utilizes the energies of his human companion as an OPEN DOOR through which to reach into the human consciousness of a race, a nation or a people."

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