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Public Statements, Personal Stories, Letters and Resignations

These articles and statements are in the order in which they were received by Sunrise.

Shobie Kapoor's story (January 2002)

Another woman devotee leaves sb (October 2001)

Young Dutch devotee leaves sai baba

Kyra's fascinating account of her interview with sb and her clairvoyant visions. Posted August 5, 2001. From the Yahoo Sathya Sai Discussion Board.

New report by Ella Evers, eyewitness: Sex in the Interview Room?

Conny Larsson's second letter to Sai Baba (December 31, 2000)

Letters of Resignation and experiences of former devotees collected by:

Sharon Purcell's account of deception and molestation by SSB. Testimonies

Conny Larsson's letter describing Dr. Hislop's awarness of SSB's molestations. Conny

Barry Pittard's account of how he became an ex-devotee of SSB

A Visitor to the ashram describes her interview with Sai Baba. Interview

Terry and Richard Nelson's Resignation from the Santa Barbara, CA Center Nelson

A Mother's Correspondence with Dr. Goldstein

A California teacher has a prophetic dream about Sai Baba myprophecy

A mother talks about being a devotee and her son's experience with Sai Baba Diana

Reported details on Conny's Larsson's story plus notes by other ex-devotees.

A Variety of statements by devotees

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