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Conny Larsson’s Letter About Dr. Hislop's Awareness of SSB's Molestations

March 2001

Dear Friend in the expose of all the lies around Sai Baba!

Since I have noticed that a letter about Dr. Hislop is moving around within and without the Sai org. saying that he did not know what was going on with Sai Baba and the students regarding sexual molestation, I can only tell you my story where Dr. Hislop was involved--for you to decide for yourself what is true or untrue.

I was [T.M. founder] Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s secretary during the year 1973. I did not know about Dr. Hislop then. One day that year, a letter came to Maharishi from this Dr. Hislop saying that he could not stay in the TM-movement because now he had met God in the form of the Avatar of Sai, and Hislop thereupon left the Maharishi and the TM movement.

Maharishi, who had invested much in Dr. Hislop, appointing him as his first teacher in the western world and even having him become secretary for a while, felt bad. He asked me to write Hislop a letter telling him about the beautiful things that were going on within the TM movement and that Dr. Hislop had his natural place in this. He also asked Hislop not to follow this new master because he was Not the avatar at all. Hislop was told he was now following a dark path.

I myself wrote the letter and was very surprised by Maharish’s prompt answer to Dr. Hislop but couldn’t do anything else but write what I was told by my master Maharishi. I had never before heard anything about this Sai Baba so I thought he was never anything else than a common Indian Guru fooling his devotees, and I forgot about everything after sending the letter. Dr. Hislop was never heard from anymore and I forgot about him, too.

Ten years later after I had long since left Maharishi, I found Sai Baba as my God and Avatar, and was fully devoted to him in all ways. Then I met Dr. Hislop, now the leader of the Sai org. in the USA, when I was in Puttaparthi around 1983. I was invited to come and tell my life story that had become popular among the Sai-devotees to Hislop’s Sai group, which also was visiting Puttaparthi. Hislop had noticed that I was having very many interviews with Sai Baba, both private and with the group.

When I was called I had already during this journey had about 5 interviews and more were to come. When he heard my story with Sai Baba, he told me that he was that particular Dr. Hislop to whom Maharishi sent the letter ten years earlier. We then fell into each other’s arms, praising the Lord Sai’s skill in planning his mission for us for so long. This was what we believed.

After the sharing-meeting for devotees, Hislop asked me to stay with him and then he asked me why Sai Baba had so many interviews with me. Since I was thinking that everything that Sai Baba was doing with me was divine, I told him the whole story about the sex we had on Baba's wishes (not mine), including oiling, masturbation, oral sex, etc. I saw in his eyes that he was shocked, and he told me that this was something he had to talk to Sai Baba about. We left each other, Hislop shocked and I unknowing what I had caused in him since I thought it to be divine, and I was thinking that I had done no wrong by telling him.

It took one day for Dr. Hislop to get himself invited for lunch with Sai Baba. Out he came on his feet faster then ever since he had brought up this question with Sai Baba about his sexual interest in me. We all know Dr. Hislop as a sincere seeker who wasn’t going to stop his investigation and so he didn’t. Once more he talked to me about it, he told me that when he brought up the question with Sai Baba, Baba had answered him: “This is not for you. You don’t understand the divine.” When he further asked Sai Baba, he was thrown out from the room and asked to leave. Sai Baba had been very upset with him, Jack told me.

Since I now had in a childlike way shared all my experience with Dr. Hislop concerning Sai Baba’s sexual play with me, it was absolutely clear to him what was going on. He even asked me if I enjoyed it myself. I told him NO--this was Sai Baba’s action, not mine. He asked me if I ever had felt any improvement in my lifeforce or Kundalini and I told him, No. Sai Baba wanted to do this with me, and I let it happen because he was my God. I never at that moment questioned this God.

We never came to talk about this more, and we each left Puttaparthi. What he made of this knowledge, or whether he denied it, is his matter. I told him about the sexual abuse as it was, and it could not have been understood in any other way than just sexual abuse--hence his shocked reaction the first day I told him. If he later denied it, this is then the same as what all the SAI-leaders and denying people within the Sai-org are doing.

It wouldn’t help if Sai Baba was raping us in public, they would still believe it to be divine since they don’t want to lose their faith. We can’t win over stupidity, we have to leave it and go further on.

So to the question of whether Dr. Hislop knew about the molestations of Sai Baba, the answer is very much YES-YES. Anyone saying anything else is a liar, but what more could we expect from these people who choose to follow a teacher who has been lying for all his life about himself from day one up to this day. Yours sincerely

Conny Larsson

Former devotee