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An Interview with Sai Baba

by a Visitor to the Ashram

Here's my story, it happened in 1993... I'll try to be fairly brief. I was with a group of 13 who travelled around India on a tour, a saints and holy men tour. The leader had been there many times before, and had seen SB also prior to this visit. However, the main reason we got into a private interview was because we also had with our group a famous astronaut. He had also seen SB before and had even had a zircon ring manifested by him, or so he thought anyway. Although he had officially been an astronaut, he had never even gotten off the ground, but that didn't stop SB from calling him “moon man.”

When we finally sat at his feet in our privileged position, he started speaking to the group. My daughter was travelling with me, and at that time, she had never even been kissed by a boy, but was very precocious and mature looking for her age. SB wagged his finger at her and told her that he had seen her crying over the departure and absence of her husband. My daughter begged to differ with him and assured him that she was not married! (We think it was perhaps the red sari she was wearing that might have thrown him off, as we later found out that red is the color of brides in India).

And so it went with our group, with SB wagging his finger and making statements to people that felt wrong, untrue, or totally bogus. When someone would disagree with him, he would argue, saying that he knew! SB definitely carries the aura of power and authority, but seems to be lacking in humility, kindness and sweetness. We met other holy men on the trip who led simple lives that had the bright light shining in their eyes and energy fields.

That's basically it. I didn't return to sit in the hot sun anymore and wait for his arrival!!!!! Our group was very unimpressed (except for one woman who became totally devoted!) and we elected to leave earlier than planned... for me the Energy at the ashram spoke very loudly. It said, Take Your Power Back Now!!!