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Testimonies of Molestation Victims

New From a Discussion Board: John Bright's Story This story contains an excellent description of the different types of devotees.

David Paul's Testimony

Profile of a Pedophhile

Additional molestation accounts are posted on:

A very important deception and molestation account by Sharon Purcell. This account also includes the story of how Elsie and Walter Cowan became SSB devotees (July 2001). Sharon

Conny Larsson's letter to Sai Baba connyletter

Read the Diary of the 15 year old California boy who was molested by ssb in 1999.

Afshin Khorramshahgol's Account Afshin

Jens Sethu's Account: includes frightening experiences with the Puttaparthi police and the true birth place of Sai Baba Jens

A mother talks about her son's experience with Sai Baba Diana

Keith Ord's experience and Michael's suicide. Warning! Not for the faint of heart. keithord

Letters and statements by ex-devotees

Molestation testimonies in The Findings

A molestation note from David