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from David Brandt, August 2001


I just came across this information in an out of print rare book that has devastating material and evidence against religious organizations in general, and Christianity in particular, called "The Book the Church Doesn't Want You to Read, edited by Tim C. Leedom, ISBN 0-8403-8908-6. Within it was information about child molestation studies. Here are some interesting extracts:

Professionals agree that pedophiles often seek out professions or activities, which bring them into contact with children. Researchers know that a typical child molester is a "good Christian" and often active in church activities. Why? It should not be suprising because religious ideology attracts them through beliefs as original sin and that man is inherently depraved and worthless, gruesome cruel but sacred teachings, absolution of sin through confession, lack of personal responsibility for one's actions, and a jealous vengeful god. The church encourages submission as "sheep," especially women to men, and children to adults, especially men of god. Research agrees that the typical child molester is able to harm large numbers of children without being caught. He establishes a trusting relationship, plays on children's loyalty, powerlessness, vulnerability, shame, and above all fearing the wrath of god and his representative. Then bribery, coercion, and violent threats are common.

The largest study of pedophiles was directed by researcher, physician, and psychiatrist Gene G. Abel, M.D., of Emory Univ. School of Medicine, for the Antisocial and Violent Behavior Branch of the Ntl Instit. Of Mental Health. The landmark eight-year study revealed that, "Molesters often become youth ministers, day-care workers, Boy Scout leaders, teachers, Big Brothers and pediatricians. He is often an active Christian who is involved in his church." Abel's study showed that 403 pedophiles had molested more than 67,000 children!

Roman Catholic canon attorney Father Thomas Doyle has estimated that about 3,000 Roman Catholic priests are pedophiliac abusers, an average of 16 abusers per diocese. Between 1988-9, 250 were brought before courts. Catholic priest received the lightest sentences or was let off over Protestant ministers. Non-ordained ministers got the worst sentences. 38% in that year were covered up and forgiven to resume their same duties with the same children. 11 out of the 46 Protestant ministers charged in 1990 with sexual abuse had prior convictions. Most received light sentences and returned immediately to the pulpit. Churches do not check ministers past records and easily forgive such crimes against their children. The Catholic Church has given out millions of dollars in settlements to victims, 14 million just to one boy. Most often when complaints come, the priest is just transferred to another diocese, or sent to South America until it cools down.

The child is most often molested within the confines of the church building without much work at privacy. Case in point was in Tampa Florida, when a mother walked in on Rev. Fonville Gandy when he was placing his hands on her son' genitals. He told her he was giving her son an "anatomy lesson," and she dutifully believed him. (Sound familiar?) She believed him until he got caught and taken to court for another molestation. Then she testified against him. Within the holy confines of the church the child feels safe and humbled to God's will. The pedophile superior man of God knows this.

Why are churches and religion the favorite place of pedophiles? Children are taught to give men of god special deference and obedience. It is like approaching God, and God would not harm you. Many children believe that their body belongs to God. So a man of God can do things to him or her that no one else can do. Lastly, most cultures consider religions and men of religion above the law to a certain or great degree. The religion and its god(s) are more important than the unimportant rights of a child. So pedophiles flock to the place of greatest sanctuary and protection for their deeds.

One Boy Scout father and director of youth activities at the sponsoring church had sex with a fellow Scout in my troop in his pup tent at night. The boy told me about it the next day, perplexed, and it was never revealed. The man had no Scout-age kids of his own, but he volunteered to help out and stay overnight. It was thought he was just being a good "Christian." A typical pedophile making his profession fit his sexual needs.

There are many parallels here with the molestation's of Sai Baba. It shows part of the reason that conviction is so difficult. And it also makes sense why Sai does it within the confines of his "sanctuary" behind a flimsy curtain. To me it also is another reason to "seek God at the source, within you" not in an outer authority. This is one of greatest sins of our age is false prophets and selfish immature authorities parading power and superiority before their victims to gain power and money. I do hope and believe that the New time coming will bring the end of authoritarianism and their hate, fear and violence. We can begin the process of dismantling them by laughing at them for the dangerous fools that they are.