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Conny Larsson

December 31, 2000

Let this be my New Year’s message to you Sai Baba, in the hope that you will be a better person for the New Year to come.

Here am I, Conny, or Sathya as you baptized me once during one of the group interviews that you gave us many years ago, writing my second Open Letter to you since you now have lashed out against people who dare to raise their voices against the criminal actions you daily engage in. What are these criminal activities? They are as follows:

Sexual abuses of boys and young men.

Consciously deceiving people daily by your false manifestations.

Spiritually molesting people by falsely pretend to be an Incarnation of this or that God.

Fooling people that your schools are free of charge.

Trying to hide your desire for self-satisfaction behind a school system that in fact is a provider for sex toys for you in the form of innocent young boys. Deceiving all the parents who in trust, put their children in your fostering institutions.

Letting people be swindled by their belief, to hand over donations to you or your organization and then using those donations to pay off the boys to keep them quiet when you are finished with them sexually.

Telling the boys never to tell their parents, making a split between the boys and their parents to hide your criminal behavior, which you and your leaders of the Sai organization say is a Divine action for the benefit of the boys. Even going so far to let the police of Puttaparthi murder your own former students, pretending this to be an act of self defense, and thereafter covering it up by all kind of explanations. Divine again of course.

Now for some questions!

1. Do you really think that the people you lash out on in The Times of India as detractors or Judases (and as you say in the thousands) are not the ones you have molested physically or spiritually over the years?

I, Sathya, know that such is the case!

Yes! Baba! We are in the thousands who have finally come to terms with how we should handle the situation that our God, you Sai Baba, were not at all anything near to be a God.

2. Why does God need to molest young children?

3. What does God need to swindle his followers?

4. Do you really think that people would believe you because you brag about the service you have done to the poor of India and because you lash out at the politicians? Especially since the money you get is mostly from us westerners?

5. Do you really think that the world will be so stupid as to believe your explanation about us being bought and paid by people to spread rumors and scandals about you and your organization?

6. Do you really think that all this molested and hurt boys from all over the world would keep quiet for ever?

You see Baba! In our country we are educated to stand up for the five Human Values. If you don’t remember them, they are Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa. You have broken all these rules of conduct that you always told us to follow. You have constantly been a very bad example for the young boys who came to know the "dark side of you behind the Curtain of Shame."

You have also been deluding and threatening the boys by telling them that if they speak out, their parents will never be called for interviews. You have proved to us through your behavior that your saying "My life is my message" is just a tragic saga that hid the most dirty form of treason and cheating. You used your your self-proclaimed position of being a God to fool all the people of the world that these actions could be divine!

Now I, Sathya, baptized by you, will tell you from all the hurt boys in the world: "Your actions were not divine. You never asked for our approval, you raped us all, both physically and also spiritually, and it was never pleasant in any way to have this form of intercourse with you. You might have thought that and enjoyed it, but we, the victims, had to undergo years of treatment to overcome the effects of your abuse.”

7. So, when you now are trying to delude the believers of yours in your Christmas speech referred to in The Times of India, I can only pity you as a very simple person. When you try to get your people to believe that we are Judases or detractors or even anti-Hinduists, you are pathetic.

8. By coming out in defense of yourself, you clearly show that you are not a God or an Avatar, but just a common fellow who has been stepped on. So dear Baba, "As you saw, so shall you reap.” The time has come for you to harvest all the Karma you have acquired and all the shame you have brought down on Bharat and the age old Indian culture that once was the light for us all.

9. Now Baba, it is time to step down from your self-made position of your declaration to be God and start to work on yourself to become a better person, or at least try to live up to some of the five Human values that you preach, and not hide yourself behind "the Curtain of Shame." We will all be waiting for you, all prepared to help you to overcome the illusion that we have been a part of by financing your EGO-trip and by falling into the trap.

10. We were happy about the good we felt around you, but your dark side is overtaking your whole mission and your failure is already a fact! The whole world knows about it today, and your mission is already at an end. The Sai religion, with you in focus, is now put on the scum list where it belongs due to your criminal actions.

11. You challenge people to come forth with money and do the service that you have done to the world, forgetting that all this money you have received is from the swindled devotees who followed you in blind faith for so long!

12. Now I and the molested boys all over the world challenge you to come to court with us, preferably in the western courts that are not so famous for their corruption. We have a world famous International Court that judges crimes to Humanity in the city of The Hague, Holland.

This we think would be a proper place for us to meet and let Judges chosen from the best courts in the world to judge what is right and what is wrong in this sad saga of yours. To hold the court case in India would only be a farce that no one would believe, since your connections are all to well known among the high-ups.

Now, to end this open letter, I will advice all the people of the world, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, to stay away from any connection with this devious organization called the "Sathya Sai Organization," and especially Sai Baba himself, until he improves himself by becoming a human being and follows the five Human values laid down within the Six systems of Indian philosophy, or the age old Vedas. This would also be a good advice to you Baba to look in to what the world already knows about you. Do not hide, come out, love is there even for you. We have no other agenda than the truth, help us out by trying to become human.

To anyone wanting to copy this letter or distribute it on Internet or wherever you find it useful to broadcast the truth about the dark side of Sai Baba, please feel free to do so without seeking my permission. There is already written so much about the positive side of sai baba, that for the sake of truth balance is needed.

To all true seekers in the world, I bow down.

Yours Sincerely In Love,

Conny Larsson

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