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Bible Analysis and Related Software
This section focuses on software for computer-assisted biblical research. It contains reviews of Bible-search software in the light of the needs of scholars and students of the Scriptures. It also discusses issues related to the accurate use of Bible-search software in scholarly research
Bible Software FAQ
This posting is designed to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions that people ask concerning Bible software for computers. This FAQ also contains information about specific programs.
Computereinsatz in der Exegese (german)
Serious Development
Christian Software Catalog
The Bible Knowledge Accelerator
The Bible Knowledge Accelerator programs are designed to help you learn the Bible
This Program for MS-Windows will, at startup, display a random scripture selection from the book of Proverbs (King James Version).
Also God's Word For Windows and a Bible research program for Windows is in the same FTP-Directory
Church Music Master for Windows
Church Music Master is an easy to use, feature packed program that takes the hassle out of managing your growing church music program.
Religious and Family Software
KAN Distributors offers a wide range of software for families. From America Paint & Learn to Multimedia Bible Interactive

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