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The holy Bible
with Search-engine
La Bibbia(italian) Luther Bibel(german)
Die Elberfelder Übersetzung der Bibel als WWW-Server installiert. Dies ermöglicht es WWW-Autoren, aus ihren Dokumenten heraus Links zur Bibel (direkt auf bestimmte Verse) zu definieren.
ARTFL Project: Bibles
As part of an experiment to faciliate multi-lingual processing, we are building parallel versions of the Bible. You may search any of the versions of the Bible listed below using the standard ARTFL World Wide Web gateways. When you retreive a chapter, the document will provide links (at the bottom of the chapter) to corresponding chapters in the other available languages. Note that this function uses the page retrieval mechanism developed at ARTFL rather than simple links to separate files.
Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet
This hypertext document contains pointers to internet accessible literature related to Classical Christianity.
Guide to Early Church Documents
This hypertext document contains pointers to internet accessible files relating to the early church. This includes Canonical documents, Creeds, the writings of the apostolic fathers and other historical texts that may be relavent to church history.
The Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia (Ecole)
This Initiative is a cooperative effort on the part of scholars across the internet to establish a hypertext encyclopedia of early Church history (from the origins of Christianity to the Reformation) on the World-Wide Web.
Early Church Documents
These are early church documents from the Apostolic Fathers.
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Classic Christian books in electronic format, selected for your edification. There is enough good reading material here to last you a lifetime, if you give each work the time it deserves!

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