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World Book Distributors
Christian Books Bibles Music
Christian Book Connection
(CBC) is an online Christian bookstore featuring a catalog of nearly 30,000 items including books, Bibles, Bible software, CDs, and cassettes.
Bible.net, Inc.
Bible.net was created with a special mission--to create a source for quality inspirational videos for your family's enrichment and enjoyment. From our catalog there is a variety of items from VHS videos to interactive CD-ROM. A Selection of products available from Bible.net: CHARLTON HESTON PRESENTS THE BIBLE on VHS CHARLTON HESTON'S VOYAGE THROUGH THE BIBLE on CD-ROM THE BIBLE COLLECTION--Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph A&E BIBLE VIDEOS--The Ark of the Covenant, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and Who Wrote The Bible?
Ignatius Press
A Catholic book and magazine publishing company. Keywords: catholic, theology, books, culture, magazines, newswire, catechesis, children's books
Richard Hooker's Works
Via Media, Inc. is the publisher of the first-ever paperback edition of Richard Hooker's Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity.
The JESUS Film Project
The most accurate film ever produced on the life of Christ
AngelShop on the Net!
Angels are mentioned in the Bible 300 times, and that is in the Old Testament alone, and countless times in the New Testament. The earlist appearance of these 'shining ones' is found in Genesis when an Angel armed with a flaming sword drove Adam & Eve out of Eden and was instructed to guard the gates so they could never return.
Cal-Hellas is a company that provides a wide variety of religious icons, church supplies, and incense. We select only the finest crafted items.., and because we buy our material locally in Athens Greece, we are able to offer our church items, icons, and incense at a substantial discount to you.
Saint Mary's Press
The Road of Monasteries in France
a selection of 40 monasteries whose monks and nuns live under the rule of Saint Benedict. Some of them range among France's architectural jewels. Offices and masses are chanted in French or in the age old Gregorian style, leading minds and souls to a thorough rest from modern life Most of these monasteries provide sleeping accommodation for individuals and groups, and all sell their own speciality products, whether it be honey, chocolates, cheese, liquors, pottery, lavender essence, Gregorian chant CDs...
Living Stones
LIVING STONES Newsletter--a monthly publication focused on serious Christian college students and senior highers.
The Fishermen's Net
covers churches, colleges and seminaries, christian counseling, employment, christian businesses and networking.
Isaiah Publications
Advertises their book: The Pattern & The Prophecy
Still Waters Revival Books

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