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Christian Resources on the Internet
Virtual Christianity
An extensive catalogue of major christian resources with some commentary regarding content. Emphasis includes Bible resources, commentaries and devotionals, christian literature, and major pages devoted to christianity. An alternate URL for the page is: christianity
Church Net UK
Church Net UK is an non profit, cost-only organisation and its main aim is it to provide a space for UK Christian Churches (Churches, groups and organisations who are affiliated to the Council of Churches for Britain and Ireland, or who would be accepted as a Christian Group on their membership criteria) on the ISH, to aid communication between the churches and their members at all levels, to provide a resource base, technical training and help.
Firewatch is dedicated to distributing information on the works of Thomas Merton and on religious contemplation in general. This group is affiliated with the Merton Research Consortium, a loosely coupled association of groups, centers, institutes, and organizations with an interest in the contemplative life.
Gospel Communications Network- Online Ministries
An alliance of on-line Christian ministries.
GospelNet WWW site is a location for those with an interest in studying the Word of God.
Christian life
Another GENBBB
In The Footsteps of The Lord
Huge list of Christian Resources
Bible Resource Listing
Many Bible Gateways
Distinctive Church Home Pages
List of Church Home Pages including the "Top 3 Church Home Pages" award.
New Advent Catholic Christian Web Page
An introduction to the Catholic Church
Catholic Religious Education on the WWW
The Christian Resource List
What is Christianity : Bibles : Devotionals, Reflections, and Commentaries : History and Culture : Christian Documents : Other Christian Related WWW Servers and Information : Newsgroups
Revival Theology Resources
Revival theology appeals to man's reason, intellect and understanding, recognizing them as endowments from God, in an attempt to enlighten the heart and will and bring about an intelligent submission to the loving Lordship of Jesus Christ.
Bible Prophesy
Unlocking the Hidden Mysteries of Scripture. Over 1000 biblical prophecies defined and explained
Prophesy: The Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Lots of quotations from the Bible, on the subject of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Let us "trust the young."
The Church Must Learn to Cope With the Computer Culture (Pope John Paul II)
Thoughts on God and evil
The theodicy problem is best solved by a view that preserves the goodness of God by limiting the power of God.
Joshua Net
This Web site is dedicated primarily to providing information relating to Christianity and it's influence in the world.
Scripture Studies
A journal dedicated to the exposition of the Bible
Contra Mundum
The quarterly journal Contra Mundum * The bi-monthly magazine Antithesis * Various articles and books
Kephas Married Catholic Priests Web Page
This web page is dedicated to providing information about the married priesthood of the Catholic Church.
A Christian Pilgrim's "DEEPER LIFE"
...is Abiding, while Walking ..as.. Born - IN-Chirst. Are you grateful for the Cross? "Deeper Life" deals with the practical "how-to's" of Living the "Daily-Crucified" Life
Lift Up your Hearts (ELCIC)
This site offers worship resources and related materials of the Canadian Lutheran and ecumenical communities; excellent links in worship, liturgy and spirituality (Section 4); ecumenical links (Section 5).
Gospel Communication Network
Resources for Christians on the net

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