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Last modified: 18 Dec. 1997




Hanukka Page at jcn
History and How-To for the feast of light from the Jewish Communication Network
Hannukah: The Cool Jewish December Holiday That Lasts For Over a Week

History and Art

Scrolls from the Dead Sea
The exhibition Scrolls From the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship brings before the people a selection from the scrolls which have been the subject of intense public interest.
"Jewish Audio" ( smiles )

613.org Jewish Audio has over 300 hours of audio on Jewish Topics. This is the biggest AUdio internet collection available in the world. Tapes include stories, chants of the bible and a crash course in Judaism

[1996,December 15]
Added by: fsmiles@613.org
The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit
The 140,000 fragments of Hebrew and Jewish literature and documents rescued from the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo cover every aspect of life in the Mediterranean area a thousand years ago. The active programme of conservation and research being conducted at Cambridge University Library, where they are housed, is leading to all manner of exciting discoveries about Jewish religious, communal and personal life, Hebrew culture, settlement in the land of Israel and relations with Muslims and Christians from as early as the ninth and tenth centuries. Only by the attraction of additional external support can the completion of the current projects be assured.
Monarchy, Exile and Maccabees
This is a review and analysis of Jewish history, more particularly of what is known about King Solomon's reign and that of the Maccabean dynasty, finding the causes of the defeat of the people and loss of country.
STaM On Line
STaM is an acronym for three of the sacred Jewish scribal items--Sifrei Torah (scrolls containing the first five books of the Bible), Tefillin (phylactaries) and mezuzot--a parchment on which portions of the Shema Yisrael prayer are written, and which Jews are commanded to place on their doorposts. STaM must be written on parchment in black ink by a Torah-observant man. The writing must be legible to a child just learning to read Hebrew and must conform to standards described in the Tor, a book of Jewish law. Within those criteria, there is room for variation in style and artistic impact.
The Chagall Windows
A beautifull page on the famous Chagall Windows at the Synagogue of the Hadassah-Hebrew University. The Windows represents the 12 sons of the Patriarch Jacob, from whom came the Twelve Tribes of Israel.


A hypertext, heirarchic directory of the Babylonian Talmud. No actual texts provided, only the locations of whatever topic is searched for. A work in progress, but truly progressing.
An Internet Guide to Chabad Literature
Artwork from Chassidic artists * Music, Songs, and Niggunim * Chabad-Lubavitch of Cyberspace * Essays by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach of Oxford University * The complete text of the Rambam's Hilchot Melech HaMoshiach * Other HyperText documents on the topics of emunah (faith), trust, techiyas ha-Masim (revival of the dead), etc.
Martin Buber (also in german)
Outline of Martin Bubers live and works, his religious philosophy and backgrounds
Franz Rosenzweig Essay and Exhibit
Franz Rosenzweig (1886-1929) remains among the most influential figures of 20th century European and North American Judaism. Along with Martin Buber and Abraham Heschel, FR is one of the most widely read Jewish thinkers among Christians.
"The Jewish Challenge" ( Frederic Seager )

Explains how Judaism has influenced, and has been influenced by, Christian civilization.

[1997,April 13]
Added by: rodin@cam.org


"Judaism Guide" ( Kuty Shalev )

A human guide who will find anything related to Judaism for you!

[1997,December 15]
Added by: judaism_guide@miningco.com
"University of Judaism" ( )

Information on the undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences,the graduate programs (MBA, MAEd Jewish education, masters in psychology, and rabbinic school) and the division of continuing education classes.

[1996,December 14]
Added by: jvlandesberg@loop.com
Jewish Identity Databases
Identity/Philosophy;Religion, Zionism,Calendar & Holidays etc...
Judaism and Jewish Resources
The Internet is rich with Jewish resources. This page shows you the doors to all these resources, so that you may go in and explore.
Judaism FAQs
The Virtual Beit Midrash - E-courses in Torah and Judaism
The VBM is sponsored by Yeshivat Har Etzion in Israel, and provides courses from the Yeshiva in Bible, Talmud, Halacha, and Jewish Philosophy. Courses are interactive, and based on actual lectures given in the Yeshiva.
Har Habajit
The history of The Temple Mount and guidlines as to the preparations for the ascent required by Jewish law.
Judaica Collection
Here are some pointers to information/data about Israel and about Jews and Judaism
Scriptural Information... links to Sites of ''Jewish'' and ''Christian'' Interest.
Project Genesis
Project Genesis works to provide Jewish activities for college students through a network of chapters and affiliates, and also offers a wide range of "on-line classes" in Judaism via the Internet
The Jerusalem Fellowships
The Jerusalem Fellowships awards scholarships to young men and women so that they can learn about and experience Judaism, and tour Israel while living in the heart of Jerusalem.
The Island of the divine dew
The objective of The Island is to be a mean for all the information on jewish topics.
A Network for Jewish Youth
The AishDas Society
The AishDas Society is committed to the promotion of meaning, thought, and emotion in Orthodox Jewish practice. This page provides a compendium of divrei Torah from around the net, an archive of our own thoughts, and links to MANY other sources of Torah fromaround the web.
Keddem Congregation
Keddem Congregation is a Jewish congregation, affiliated with the Reconstructionist Movement, through the Federation of Reconstructionist Congregations and Havurot.
Kesher Israel Congregation
Kesher is the only Orthodox shul in downtown Washington.
Jewish Resources in the Chicago Area
Chabad Jewish Student Organization
Chabad Jewish Student Organization of the University of Texas, Austin home page. Special pages include niggunim (songs) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Shabbat, and answers to missionaries.
Communauté On Line(french)
La voix de la Communauté Juive de France. Organisations Juives Francophones sur Internet
Liberal Judaism (also in dutch)
On this page you can find information about the activities and organisations of Liberal Judaism in The Netherlands.
"Official Torah Codes" ( A. Haviv )

A look into equidistant letter sequences in the Book of Genesis as well as other scientific analyses of the Bible

[1996,December 29]
Added by: haviv@worldnet.att.net
"Kabbalah on-line lessons by Bnei Baruch Group" ( Benzion Giertz )

The Kabbalah teaches a practical method to apprehend the upper world and the source of our existence while still living in this world. By this method man attains perfection, and takes control over his life and transcends the limitations of time and space.

[1996,December 19]
Added by: kabbalah@inter.net.il ; WWW: http://www.io.org/~vma/kabbalah.html

The Holocaust

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