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Last modified: 25 Dec. 1997


LaoTze - DaoDeJing
In chinese, english translations and as calligraphy.

"Dao De Jing" ( Rick Harbaugh )
Lao-tsu Taoism classic in Chinese with each character hyperlinked to its definition and etymology. Link to English translation also.
[1997,October 24]
Added by: rick.harbaugh@yale.edu
Taoist Resource Center
A very comprehensive site dealing with: Recovery Issues, Parenting Issues, Women's Issues, Martial Arts, Oriental and/or Holistic/Alternative Medicine as well as Religion and Philosophy!
Taoism Information Page
Scholarly and philosophical information on Taoism
Tao, A Synthesis of Taoist Philosophy
Taoism contains elements of both religion and philosophy..., here are some core elements of the taoist tradition.

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