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Last modified: 23 Sep. 1997




Topic index of the Qur'an
Headers link to the pages that contain the actual indecies, click on the number or topic and your browser will locate the correct Surah/Ayat
Quran in Arabic
By means of inlined images, so you do not need arabic fonts for your browser.
Holy Quran
Translated by Maulvi Sher Ali

"Recherche dans le Coran" ( )
search the Holy Quran in french
[1997,July 18]


"Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Wales" ( Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter. )
The Centre for Islamic Studies is part of the Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies at the University of Wales, Lampeter, Ceredigion (located in the heart of rural Wales). A wide variety of Islamic Studies courses are on offer, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students can take these courses in conjunction with the wide-variety of other course on offer at Lampeter. Visit our site to find out more. We also offer a survey of Islamic Studies' related resources: 'Twenty Pathways to Islamic Studies'.
[1997,August 28]

"Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project" ( Ahlul Bayt DILP )
The DILP is an effort to digitise important Islamic resources and make them available to the masses through the Internet.
[1997,July 19]

"the MSA Homepage at University of Houston" ( Abu Abdullah )
Provides much authentic information on Islam based on Quran and Sunnah incl. contemporary issues such as Women in Islam
[1997,July 3]
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"Muslim Women's Home Page" ( )

[1996,December 30]

"Albalagh Webzine" ( Khalid Baig )
Islam and modern issues. Status of women. Economics. Law. Current affairs. Book reviews. Philosophy.
[1997,July 8]
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Edmonton Islamic Resources
Very detailed information about Islam today, including Islamic Terms, The Prophet, Quran, Women, Marriage, Convert, Audio Files.
The Alim Online
* Islamic Chronology * Yusuf Ali Qur'an Translation * Yusuf Ali Qur'an Translation Subject List * Sahih Bukhari Hadith * Sahih Bukhari Subject List * Marmaduke Pickthall Qur'an Translation * Qur'an Roman Transliteration * Islamic Biographies * Islamic Dictionary
Islam Presentation Committee ( IPC ) is a non-profit educational and research organization based in Kuwait, devoted to inter-religious and cultural studies. Books, videos and audio tapes on Islam are also available from IPC's Enlightenment bookshop at reasonable price. Last but not least, we are also welcoming you to have dialogue with us on Islam, Arab culture and Language etc.
The Online Islamic Bookstore
To encourage the Muslim community to read again. To assert the importance of spiritual knowledge especially in this modern age; an age lost to its sense of direction, on a road leading to destruction. The goal of The Online Islamic Bookstore (TM) is to fulfill this much needed basic, to guide those who seek, and to supply those motivated, with the best quality of books. And it is by the Will of Allah should this succeed.
The World's largest selection of Islamic books, gifts and accessories.

"Dar-us-Salam Publications" ( Maktaba Dar-us-Salam )
On-line Islamic bookstore. Hundreds of Islalmic books in English, Arabic, & Urdu. Plus Islamic software and Quran CD's.
[1996,December 24]
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AWAIR (Arab World and Islamic Resources)
Arab World and Islamic Resources, Berkeley, California is a non-profit dedicated to the awareness of Arab and Islamic culture. We work primarily with schools, offering an exciting range of informative material. We feel it is vital to make these materials available so that both the curious and proud have an exciting means of connecting to the heritage.
DÜNIA - CyberMuslim Information Collective
A hyperactive surfboard to Islamic resources on the Internet.
ISLAMIC Resources
This server is designed to provide information about Islamic beliefs, resources, community events, businesses, and organizations
University of Northumrbia Islamic Society
Quran in Arabic Script - Translation of the Quran (Yusuf ALi) - Complete Hadith Database - Islamic Pictures - Islamic Booklets
As-Sunnah Foundation
The As-Sunnah Foundation of America is dedicated to providing excellence in the teaching of Islamic principles based on traditional scholarship. Scholars, researchers, professors and students will find this an excellent resource for Islamic information of all kinds.
Ibrahim Shafi's Page on Islam
Islamic Resources
Islam, Christianity and Science
Big Resource
Shakil's Islamic Images Page
Links to Images of Islamic Themes
WAMY IslamNet
World Assembly of Muslim Youth

Most comprehensive page on Islam
[1996,December 30]
the Construction of a Secular Identity for Islam

Art and Architecture

A brief survey of The Architecture of Islam
Egypt - Egypt to Jordan - Jordan to Morocco - Morocco to Spain - Spain to Syria - Syria
Islamic Architecture in Isfahan
The resource aims to provide a comprehensive view of the Islamic Architecture of the City of Isfahan. It consists of numerous recent photographs of well known and not-so-well known buildings in the city and the surrounding, countryside together with Maps and descriptive guides to each monument. Ancillary pages discuss the fundamental concepts of the architecture and the sources and influences behind it.

Muslim Student Associations

Muslim Students Association
At Caltech
Muslim Student Association
at SUNY/Buffalo
Muslim Student Association at Syracuse University
Current MSA activities . Qur'an Database . Hadeeth Database . 1-800 Islamic Info. Misc. Pamphlets . Mankind's corruption of the Bible . Useful Islamic information . Software . Information on Muslim Countries . Islamic pictures . Other WWW Sites on ISLAM
USC Muslim Student Association Islamic Server
Refence materials including three translations of the Qur'an; complete Sahih Bukhari; partial collections from Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu-Dawud, and Muwatta; introductory texts on Islam.


"Ahmadiyyat the True Islam: RAM Service Online Library" ( )
RAM Service Online Library covers a variety of issues relating to Islam and Ahmadiyyat as well as other religions.
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at
Ahmadiyya Muslim Resources
Ahmadiyya Muslim Student's Organization, Austin, Texas

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