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How to make a lake applet

Ways to increase traffic to your web site
Submit URL with WebCrawler. AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos,
Free Registration with 11 top search engines
Newsgroup, post your question if you have a problem.
How to use Meta Tags
Web Monkey - what can meta tags do
WEB DNA - increase the traffic to your site
Link to put a Tag on your web site that will translate languages
submit your site to other search engines
Add Me (add your site to search engines)
Add a quiz to your page with Beeseen's quizlet site.
Add a search engine just for your web site
Net.Medic helps you diagnose problems with your Internet Download from ZDTV

Clip Art
Huge free Clip art site
Vine Border annimation
Flowers and borders, great site

how to build a animated gif
Animated images and letters GREAT site
Animated Letters

web sites
HP Printing ideas for scanjet
More HP printing ideas
C/NET Builder com
Cariboo Computer Magazine, software reviews.
Domain Name Search
Who has the domain search
Geocities web page builder, free
3D Text Trial download.
My geocities web site
Copyright Laws
Net Objects Fusion Web Page maker trial download
ZDTV: Some of the subjects they cover and the links

Unusual wav files/ sound effects
WinAmp midi player, real cool download
streaming midi website
Background midi songs:
<!-- Netscape Navigator uses EMBED --><EMBED SRC="name of your.mid"
WIDTH=0 HEIGHT=2 AUTOSTART=true><!-- WebTV and Microsoft Internet
Explorer use BGSOUND and LOOP --><BGSOUND SRC="name of your.mid"

HTML CGI And Applets
Page showing surfer what pages that were visited on 'that' website.
Corel: Internet Publisher and SGML
Tutorials: Mouse over, Graphics, photo shop (GREAT SITE)
Fantastic source of JAVA scripts - scrolling, time date stamp - get IP address - etc
C/NET The abc of CGI
HTML and Applet Codes
CGI Script to add a scrolling message to the bottom of your website.
Lake applet - how to
Check the HTML with imagiware
Slide Show
Log File (find out who visited your web site)
making an image map
Create a mailing list from the visitor to your web site

Mail to Tag
When you get an email and want the subject line automatically filled in with the web page that generated it:
To automatically fill in the subject line (on the email coming to you)  with the page from which the email was sent.

 order form CGI script sample (used the following)
 Register to use the order form

<!-- Merchant Ordering Form v1.4  -->
<!-- CGI script by -->
<!-- NOTE: This version uses 4 fields, and is not compatibale with Merchant OrderForm v1.1 or v1.2 -->
<!-- IMPORTANT: New checkbox input VALUE must follow these standards to work with the script -->
<!-- value= (First)ItemName----(Second)Description----(Third)Price2DecimalPlaces----(Fourth)ShipCode2DecimalPlaces -->
<!-- Note: 4 minus signs "----" with no spaces are the delimiter for the four variables -->
<!-- The "value=" must follow the examples below EXACTLY -->
<title>Diamond Jewelry Direct Secure Order Form</title>
<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow">

The meta tage for client pull
<META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH"  CONTENT="#;   url=pagename">

how to put popup windows on your site

Cut and pastE the script below into the document/page that you want the pop=up window to open up from, changing the "SmIrene.JPG" into the jpg you are using, or the HTML doc. If using a JPG, make sure the width and height are just a bit larger than the JPG or HTML document that you are linking to, or "change resize=no"   into "resize=yes".

<script LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">


function CreateWindow()



</font><form><input TYPE = "button" VALUE = "My Picture" onClick = "CreateWindow()"></form>

Panoramic Applet
The HTML code which produced thegallery example that David used .
             <applet code="Panorama" width="300" height="200">
               <param name="image" value="3d.jpg">
               <param name="map" value="FrontPageMap0">
               <param name="autorotate" value="20">
Using Panorama in a web page.   My front room panoramic view
To include Panorama in a web page, you should copy the Panorama.class file into the same directory as the web page and then insert an
<APPLET...> tag into the page, e.g.
<APPLET CODE="Panorama" WIDTH=230 HEIGHT=380>
<PARAM NAME=image VALUE="3d.jpg">
Put something here for browsers that don't use Java.
The following parameters can be passed to Panorama: "image" This parameter specifies the name of the image containing the panoramic image. "map" The client-side imagemap to use (if any). "autorotate" Set this to a non-zero value to automatically rotate the panorama. Default: "0".
I'd suggest you put the class file in the same directory as the page on which it will appear. If you want to move it elsewhere then use the "CODEBASE" option to point to the appropriate directory.
Some implementations of Java will not allow you to put the .class file in one subdirectory and the image file in another. If the try it might cause a security exception.
When taking the pictures, Overlap your individual pics just a little more than I did. Take the pics and stitch them at full size then resize the image afterwards.  The little gray areas at the top and bottom of the page are remnants of the warping effect that is applied to the pics. They can be cropped out.  When publishing to the web it's a good idea to compress the jpg image as much as possible to enable faster loading. I usually try for about a 90-100 k image max.

When using the panorama applet the window size wants to be about 25 pixels less than the image size. Also, change the speed parameter to about 5. The speed of the pan varies with the individual viewer's machine speed.

Code for Installing Mail2Friend

For Sites not using Frames (No change requried)
<!-- start Mail2friend Code --> <CENTER><STRONG><AHREF="">
<SUP>Like this Page ? </SUP></A><BR><AHREF="">
<IMG ALT="Mail2Friend : 1 Click 2 recommend ! "
SRC=""></A> <BR><AHREF=""><SUP>Pleaseemail a friend ! </SUP></A> </STRONG> </CENTER> <!--end Mail2Friend Code -->

For Sites using Frames (Change
<!-- start Mail2friend Code --> <CENTER> <STRONG><SUP>Like this Page ? </SUP></A> <form
method="post" action="" target="_top"><input type=hidden name="urlname"
value=""> <input type=image align="right" border="0"
src="" alt="Click here to send this to a friend"> </form>
<SUP>Please email a friend ! </SUP></A> </STRONG> </CENTER> <!--end Mail2Friend Code -->

Script for date stamp


<!-- This script and many more are available online from -->
<!-- The JavaScript Source!! -->
<!-- Begin
var day="";
var month="";
var myweekday="";
var year="";
mydate = new Date();
myday = mydate.getDay();
mymonth = mydate.getMonth();
myweekday= mydate.getDate();
weekday= myweekday;
myyear= mydate.getYear();
year = myyear
if(myday == 0)
day = " Sunday, "
else if(myday == 1)
day = " Monday, "
else if(myday == 2)
day = " Tuesday, "
else if(myday == 3)
day = " Wednesday, "
else if(myday == 4)
day = " Thursday, "
else if(myday == 5)
day = " Friday, "
else if(myday == 6)
day = " Saturday, "
if(mymonth == 0) {
month = "January "}
else if(mymonth ==1)
month = "February "
else if(mymonth ==2)
month = "March "
else if(mymonth ==3)
month = "April "
else if(mymonth ==4)
month = "May "
else if(mymonth ==5)
month = "June "
else if(mymonth ==6)
month = "July "
else if(mymonth ==7)
month = "August "
else if(mymonth ==8)
month = "September "
else if(mymonth ==9)
month = "October "
else if(mymonth ==10)
month = "November "
else if(mymonth ==11)
month = "December "
// End -->

Fade in and out pictures

 * fade script ver0.1 by 1996/02/20
 * Copyright (c) 1996 Kouichirou Eto. All Rights Reserved.
 * You can freely copy, use, modify this script,
 * if the credit is given in the source.
 * If you would like to get information for this script,
 * please access <>
function makearray(n) {
    this.length = n;
    for(var i = 1; i <= n; i++)
        this[i] = 0;
    return this;
hexa = new makearray(16);
for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    hexa[i] = i;
hexa[10]="a"; hexa[11]="b"; hexa[12]="c";
hexa[13]="d"; hexa[14]="e"; hexa[15]="f";
function hex(i) {
    if (i < 0)
 return "00";
    else if (i > 255)
 return "ff";
 return "" + hexa[Math.floor(i/16)] + hexa[i%16];
function setbgColor(r, g, b) {
    var hr = hex(r); var hg = hex(g); var hb = hex(b);
    document.bgColor = "#"+hr+hg+hb;
function fade(sr, sg, sb, er, eg, eb, step) {
    for(var i = 0; i <= step; i++) {
 Math.floor(sr * ((step-i)/step) + er * (i/step)),
 Math.floor(sg * ((step-i)/step) + eg * (i/step)),
 Math.floor(sb * ((step-i)/step) + eb * (i/step)));
/* Usage:
 *   fade(inr,ing,inb, outr,outg,outb, step);
 * example.
 *   fade(0,0,0, 255,255,255, 255);
 * fade from black to white with very slow speed.
 *   fade(255,0,0, 0,0,255, 50);
 *   fade(0xff,0x00,0x00, 0x00,0x00,0xff, 50); // same as above
 * fade from red to blue with fast speed.
 * step 2 is very fast and step 255 is very slow.
function fadein() {
    fade(0,0,0, 255,255,255, 60);
function fadeout() {
    fade(255,255,255, 0,0,0, 60);
/* do fadein */
/***** end fade script *****/
// -->

Flyout - a link to a small predefined pop-up window.
function Openme(newin) {,"flyout","resizable=no,scrollbars=yes,width=400,height=400,top=130,left=200")
// -->
VALIGN="MIDDLE"><A HREF="javascript:Openme('http://put the url for the jpg or web page here')"><IMG  SRC="put the url for the jpg or web page here" ALT="TF45-2" WIDTH="90" HEIGHT="106" BORDER="0"></A></TD>
Width and height can be altered to suit your needs.  You can add morepictures to this script, but it is not necessary to add the <!-- function Openme(newwin).... etc... again.

Scrolling/fading picture banner....

      <APPLET CODE="com.rocketfuel.banner.banner" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="58" CODEBASE="../"><PARAM NAME="normal" VALUE="4000">
        <PARAM NAME="scrolled" VALUE="7000">
        <PARAM NAME="images" VALUE="4">
        <PARAM NAME="ads" VALUE="4">
        <PARAM NAME="image1" VALUE="../images/rb1-1.gif">
        <PARAM NAME="url1" VALUE="../selectionguide.htm">
        <PARAM NAME="image2" VALUE="../images/rb2-1.gif">
        <PARAM NAME="url2" VALUE="../contest.htm">
        <PARAM NAME="image3" VALUE="../images/rb3-1.gif">
        <PARAM NAME="url3" VALUE="../onlinecatalog/everyday/tf45-2.htm">
        <PARAM NAME="image4" VALUE="../images/rb4-1.gif">
        <PARAM NAME="url4" VALUE="../selectionguide.htm">
        <PARAM NAME="key" VALUE=" software that ROCKS!">
        <A HREF="menus.html"><IMG SRC="../images/rb1-1.gif" BORDER="0" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="58"></A>