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MORE pictures using the lake applet:

The Lake Applet  I made a lake applet With a picture of a sunset on a lake, In Alaska.
The above URL will explain how to make a lake applet, the following is a copy of Lacie's instructions.

This Java Applet will work for any picture (.GIF) or (.JPG) and can be any size. It also can be used as a link, and also can have a overlay. All that is needed is a few lines of HTML code added to your page, your favorite picture, and the Lake.class file. I have chosen a  lake in Alaska] for you to try as an example. there are many ways to write the code for the Lake theory is, the simpler,the better. So i have reduced the coding to it's simple form to help you. Below is a simple version of code that will work for any applet
HTML Source:
<APPLET CODE="Lake" WIDTH=258 HEIGHT=422> <PARAM NAME=image VALUE="tiger.jpg">
Put something here for browsers that don't use Java.
Change "sunset.jpg" to the name of your own picture. The width of the applet = the original width of your picture. The height of the applet should be TWO TIMES the original height of the image MINUS a little bit, although on horizonatal layouts, double the width sometimes works. How much is a little bit? Well it depends upon the height of your image. Start with the applet height = 2 *(height of the original) - 10, and then play around a bit after that. (usually a little smaller) In my example it was -20 Older versions of the applet were always shortened by 10, but it's now more flexible to give better perspective on smaller images.
Below is the Lake.class file it is really small (4.8k)
Netscape Users: To save it to your computer use the "RIGHT" button of your mouse and select "Save Link As" Internet
Explorer Users: To save it to your computer use the "RIGHT" button of your mouse and select "Save Target As" and type in Lake because it may try to save it as Lake(1). Lake.class First download the file and unzip it. Now all you need to do is upload the Lake.class file, and your picture.
*NOTE* Do not put the Lake.class file or the picture in any subfolder up on your server. (example: /images)                       Instead put them in the same place as your index.html page (no folder). Now add the HTML code to the page you wantthe Lake applet on, (remember to change the HTML code to your picture's name, and change the width and height to fit your picture). Now upload your page and smile your done. View your page now you should see your picture and the lake effect reflection below it.
If you see some white dancing at the bottom still, reduce you image slightly.

Thank You to David Griffiths for the Lake Applet.