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Money machine contest.  and also
Investment tips (real audio)
The Screen Savers Answers & Tips page:

HTML Help: Helpful link for those wanting to learn how to code HTML documents.
All Things Web Acollection of tips and techniques for web site design.
PC  encyclopedia Webopaedia Look up those terms you're unfamiliar with.  Results include many links to high-quality information.
My Desktop  A veritable cornucopia of information for the desktop PC user.  Covers current events, especially Windows-related news as well as lots of hardware information.
The Virtual Doctor Tutorials on topics related to your desktop workstation.  Also has support forums on Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Unix, etc.
CNET Product reviews, current computer industry information, many links to other services.

Prevent hackers from getting on your site.

                    Setting up a firewall-- a piece of hardware or software that blocks
                    unauthorized users from breaking into your computer or computer
                    network-- is a plausible solution. WinGate is a software-based proxy
                    server that doubles as a firewall. Therefore, it not only keeps
                    intruders out, but allows you to extend Internet accessibility to all
                    the computers on your network. A six-user license for WinGate
                    Standard, the version positioned towards small businesses, costs
                    about $140 (and as little as $20 for a single, home user license).

                    Another solution might be Lockdown2000. This software detects
                    when someone tries to infiltrate your system using NetBus, Back
                    Orifice, or other Trojan horse planting tools and hacking strategies.
                    Lockdown2000 immediately disconnects the hacker and even tells
                    you his IP address so that you can notify his ISP what he's up to.
                    Version 2.5 of Lockdown2000 costs $99 but is free for a 10-day trial

HardwareCentral at a Glance

The Perfect High-End PC build your own PC cheaper.  If you're a multimedia developer, graphic-arts professional, home user who's into digital video, or simply someone who wants as muchpower as you can get, you don't have to spend a fortune for your deam PC. Component and PC prices continue to plummet, and you can put together a system that will last you several years for around $2,500.

Be your own Proxy server: Surf the web from several machines out of your home:
Recommended by ZDTV:
A List of servers:

Seminar: Building an Internet-Based Interactive Order Form

Want to run Linux, Windows 98, Windows 95, DOS, BeOS, and Windows NT? To use the NT bootloader visit

Is there a program that can help you edit video? Actually, there are several.

Corey from Gautier MS wanted to add a sound track to his AVI file. - Free for 30 days, and then a mere 19.95.

A virus on his PC (Romeo and Juliet) but can't disinfect it. We recommend creating a virus free boot disk, putting the anti virus on it, then running it. Try for a web based disinfector.
Leo also like F-Prot, a free DOS based antivirus from
The AntiVirus program that Kate was trying to remember?  It's the absolute fave of Silicon Spin host John C. Dvorak: AVP - AntiViral Toolkit Pro from Central Command.  Check it out at

We do recommend checking every month or so for new video card drivers. New drivers often make a big difference in performance and reliability. If you're not sure where to get an update, use the search function at Try both the vendor's drivers and the reference drivers if they exist.

For our caller who was installing a network card for his sister who's off to college, we really like 3COM NICs. Make sure to get the right NIC for the network type and speed.

You surely know the importance of having a boot disk, but do you know how to do it with a CD? The step-by-step:
Our caller wanted to create a good gaming machine for under $1299. Can we do it? Let's see. We'll use for prices, but these are typical of low-price web merchants and the folks you'd find at most computer swap meets.

Intel Celeron 366A overclocked to 550 Abit BM-6
motherboard with 64 MB RAM               $270
Enlight Medium Mini-Tower Case                70
Mouse/Keyboard                                         30
Floppy                                                         20
CD-ROM 40x                                             50
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 20 GB drive      250
SoundBlaster Live Value                              50
STB Voodoo3 2000 Video Card                 90
Headphones                                                 90
MAG 17" monitor                                      279
Grand Total                                            $1199

Wanna learn to do computer animation and work on Episode II? Here are a few links and tips on how to get started:

Why pay a Web hosting service when you can do it yourself? It may be cheaper and easier:

How Do I Set Up a Direct Cable Connection?

Double your modem speed


Free Universal Password program

You don't have to know DOS to use Windows anymore, but it sure comes in handy once in a while. Here are Kate and Leo's favorite DOS commands:

Groove on VRML power Amaze friends and visitors: use our VRML tools collection to make it happen on your site.  VRML Editors: free downloads

It's best to use an image mapping program to generate the HTML. Most HTMLeditors have such utilities. There are also
several dozen in the ZDNet Software Library at

1. Special Reports: Online Investing Find out all you need to know in our Online Investing Topic Center:

We have reviews of the top four dual-mode cell phones available. Let's talk:

Hot companies like Liquid Audio, IXL, and America Online are hiring at CNET's Tech Jobs site. Click here and let our search engine find a job for you:

bend HTML :  CNET Builder outlines some simple techniques to help you kick those bad HTML habits and get you on the road to accessibility:
CNET Shopper: Comparison Shop the Easy Way

shopping, comparison pricing information:

Auctions :  digital cameras, scanners, software, and much more!