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Lillian Chaudhary
     Welcome to Lillian Chaudhary's custom made sidesaddles! Riding aside is making a comeback!  However, there is a great shortage of  sidesaddles that are in rideable condition, and that fit our modern horses and riders.  There are two items a person must consider when trying to find a comfortable sidesaddle.  The first step in fitting a sidesaddle is to know which type of horse you have.  This determines the width of the frame of the saddle.  The second step is to find a saddle that properly fits the rider.  This is done by measuring the rider.  If both of these steps are followed, then riding aside will be a pleasurable experience for both the rider and the horse.  Lillian Chaudhary goes to great lengths to ensure the best fit possible for you and your horse. You will find directions on how to measure on the main menu. Her custom made Western sidesaddles have been bought by people all over the world, and each are handmade to customer specifications.  Other services offered by Lillian are:  restuffing, reflocking, repairs and custom restorations.   Please feel free to browse through the site.  If you have additional questions, you may e-mail Lillian at: sadlmakr@snowcrest.net
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