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This is the format for citing an essay in a journal that pages each issue separately:

Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Journal

        Vol. Issue (Year): pages.

"Vol" indicates the volume number of the journal.  If each issue of the journal begins on page 1, however, you must also provide the issue number following the volume number.  

This is an EXAMPLE:

Barthelme, Frederick. "Architecture." Kansas

         Quarterly 13.3 (1981): 77-80. 

Because of the limitations of webpage formatting, you may not see the entry above with a "hanging indent."  You should, however, format your citations with a hanging indent as you see in the example page.  

You do this in MSWord by highlighting your entire "Works Cited" page, selecting "Format," "Paragraph," "Indentation, Special (select "hanging"), By (enter ".5").  

This is also a good time to format for double spacing, then your formatting is correct no matter what changes you make to the text.

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