Look Ma I'm Animated!
Gif Construction Set (Older version)
This is Gif Construction Set's main menu.
(Shown at right as completed).
The comment box contains my copyright.
(Insert and edit comment).
The Loop Menu box is added. 
(Insert Loop).
Each frame size matches the description of the size shown in the Header.
Each frame is loaded into Gif Construction Set.
(Insert Image).
Each frame is interspaced with it's own control box. (Insert Control)
The completed animation is ready to be optimized .
(Optimize the color menu / pixel re-use... for smaller file size. This can be done in Newer versions of GCS, other animation programs and optimizer programs.)
(Save as newname.gif).
Left is the View Image Menu
The Interlaced image box should not be checked because it will load the first image funny if it is.

The Image left and top toggles the frame horizontally or vertically. This can be usefull to re-align images, or ad a little movement.

The Local palette should be checked if you saved you color menu to use. 

Below is the Control dialogue box.
In this case the back ground color (black) is set to transparent.
Note: If you are making a transparent background
- use a background color which is not used in any other part of your image - or it will be transparent too.
The Delay will be set seperatly for each frame depending... 
(In this case, I set the delay between 6-17, then view the animation in my browser and make adjustments later.)

The Edit Header Dialogue box should match the size of all your frames.

The Edit Loop Box allows you to set the amount of times which you would like your animation to continue running.
1000 is the default value.


Now I'm ready to check it on the browser, make timing adjustments, and ftp the file to my site!

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Animation Copyright Kitty Roach
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