Look Ma I'm Animated!

How I Might Make A Simple .Gif Animation:

This is a very brief explanation of one of the many ways I might go about making an animation.
I will use only two software programs here: Paint Shop Pro by JASC and Gif Construction Set by Alchemey MindWorks.  (Ulead's Animator's have since become my favorite animation program.  It's file size reduction wizard is a big help, because no other file reduction is needed. - However, both animation programs are similar, so maybe this information will help cover both.)

First I either scan in or draw, one or two rough sketches of the character I want to use.


Next, I size and fix up the sketches.
I make sure the background is a solid color, (if I intend to make the background transparent)
paint the images, and crop them.
I use these two images as a basis to make the rest of the frames.

A Look at the Individual Frames
Gifcon Menu Settings
Play with Tim's Action! (Netscape Only)

Mouse-Over Animation Examples use .gif or jpg files

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