5 Easy Steps To 
Transparent Color
Gif Construction Set!

Before you begin, make sure your background is
a solid color and a color which
does not appear in any other areas of your image.

Load your images into 
Gif Con, 
inserting a control box 
in front of each frame.
1. Double Click your first control box.
This screen will appear!
2. Click the Transparent color box, and a checkmark will appear.
3. Single-Click on the eye-dropper button on the top right.
Your first frame will appear at the top left of a grey screen.
Your mouse will control the eye dropper.
4. Move the eye-dropper to the area (color) on your image which 
you want to make transparent, and click.
This screen returns,
showing a new number 
for transparent color.

5. Make sure you remove by background,
click "OK" - Repeat these steps in all your control boxes - And, You're done!

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