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Coalita is a large figurative sculpture of a woman; a fusion of fire and art. She will be installed and completed at Burning Man 2000 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Coalita is constructed of a welded steel armature, engineered to withstand heat in the range of 2,000 degrees fahrenheit. On the night of the firing, the interior will be filled with coal and charcoal briquettes. An air fed mechanism will facilitate the achievement of an adequate slumping temperature.

Embedded in the steel skin will be layers of multicolored fusible glass, held in place by mechanical means. Firing takes place from the bottom up. As the internal temperature nears the necessary heat threshold, external heat will be applied to fuse each glass piece to the armature and surrounding glass. The next day, the coal will be removed and an internal illumination source installed. When she is lit at night, Coalita will appear in a similar fashion as the Plastic Chapel and Stan.

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