it all began in molt montana, when stan retrieved a giant meteorite. Stan convinced his dad to tie it to the tractor and drag it home - on the lawn he created a giant lathe & cored it like an apple - then he covered it in caramelized candy syrup
"like a giant apple without the stick"

feeling the repression felt from reality stan proclaimed "we have no energy outlets capable of our imagining self images, thus we form our own creations, transcending the oppression felt from reality by becoming reality itself"

stan fled the oppressive regime of the world due to "parental low impedance" and pervasive population of giant squirrels that had the brains of mice and the morals of a junior high school dean of boys!

stan and the bathysphere have sunk below the "sea level of common sense" - into the hot turbulent oils of the lava lamp!

stan is dedicated to the forgotten sense of true completeness....

so, each week he dones the bell helmet and lead boots,
venturing out into the lava lamp to bring back slabs of classic wax!

this what we do here

stan is the unrelentless expander of possibilities.... and the possibilities are endless!

stan's room, conceived by kirk leclaire, 1992 / submerging man, a joint venture of finley fryer & kirk leclaire, 1999

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