English/Literature Internet-Class,  Fall 1998

English 1A Pictures (7-9Pm tus.&thurs. Class) Taken Angelo's pizza Oct. 8th

My stories
Zen Stories
Revision (how to by P.Berkow)

Other long distant courses available on PBS
Writers magazine      Email Address: flowers@snowcrest.net  Password: bfppgeoo
Real Audio of Frank McCourt
Limerick, Ireland, Frank McCourt
Dave Barry - a laugh a minute

Thesaurus of English words and PHRASES
British Slang A - C
British Slang D-K
British Slang L-P
British Slang Q-Z
Meanings for British Slang Sayings
Old English Sayings
Writer's archives

DISCUSSION  FORUM: I'd love to hear your views on:
Have you ever used Medicinal Herbs
Do you think California Insurance should cover PRESCRIBED herbs like 13 others states already do.

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