Welcome to the BritSpeak Dictionary! Many of the words you will findhere are colloquialisms, the colourful language of daily
living. To keep the length manageable, only *differences* in usageare noted. Some dated terms have intentionally been included
as they may yet be encountered.

British - American Dictionary

British Word            Americans Say


Accumulator               Car battery (dated)

Afters                    Dessert

Aggro                     Deliberate troublemaking

Air screw                 Propeller (dated)

All-in                    Inclusive

Alsatian                  German shepherd

Aluminium                 Aluminum

Anorak                    Parka

Antenatal                 Prenatal

Anticlockwise             Counterclockwise

Argentine, The            Argentina

Argentine                 Argentinian

Argy-bargy                Heated argument

Artic                     Tractor-trailer

Aubergine                 Eggplant

Autumn                    Fall


Back of beyond            Middle of nowhere

Ball                      Prom

Banger                    Sausage, firecracker or old car

Bank holiday              National holiday

Bap                       Hamburger bun (regional)

Barrister                 Trial lawyer

Berk                      Moron

Bill (restaurant)         Check

Bin                       Garbage can

Bin liner                 Garbage bag

Biscuit                   Cookie

Biscuit, savoury          Cracker

Black Maria               Paddywagon

Blancmange                A gelatin-like pudding

Blighty                   England (dated)

Block of flats            Apartment house

Bloke                     Guy

Bloody                    Mild expletive; very

Blotto                    Drunk

Bobby                     Policeman

Bollocks                  Balls (testicles)

Bonnet                    Hood

Book                      Reserve

Boot                      Trunk

Bounder                   Cad

Braces                    Suspenders

Brock                     Badger (dated)

Brolly                    Umbrella

Brooch                    Pin

Bubble and squeak         Cabbage & potato dish

Bugger-all                Nothing

Bum                       Buttocks

Bun in the oven           Pregnant

Bung (noun)               Stopper

Bung (verb)               Toss

Busker                    Street performer

Butty                     Sandwich


Cabinet maker             Skilled carpenter

Calabrese                 Broccoli rabe

Caravan                   Motor home

Car park                  Parking lot

Carpet                    Reprimand

Carriageway               Highway

Carrier bag               Shopping bag

Chat show                 Talk show

Chat up                   Chat flirtatiously

Cheerio                   Goodbye

Cheers                    Thank you

Chemist                   Pharmacist

Cheque                    Check

Chips                     French fries

Chuffed                   Pleased

Cinema                    Movie theater

Clingfilm                 Plastic wrap  (brand name)

Clippie                   Bus conductor (Scotland)

Close                     Dead end

Conker                    Horse chestnut

Cooker                    Oven

Coppice                   See copse

Copse                     Thicket

Cotton wool               Cotton

Courgette                 Zucchini

Cracker                   Party favor

Creche                    Day care center

Crisps                    Potato chips

Crumpet                   Attractive woman

Cul de sac                Dead end

Cuppa                     Cup of tea

Current account           Checking account

Cutting                   Clipping (eg from a newspaper)