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We are moving our horse operations to Oregon where we will have more room for our horses.  Sadly, our Triple S Ranch in Montague, CA is for sale!   Click below on the "Horse Ranch For Sale" button for more information!

Welcome to our Website!

    We are Paula and Bert Morgan, owners of Triple S Ranch, LLC and a group of wonderful Rocky Mountain Horses!  Triple S Ranch was born in 1994 when we moved with our horses to a beautiful spot in far northern California where the Klamath River forms Copco Lake.  The name of the ranch comes from our location-the property historically was the Snackenburg Stage Stop on the old California-Oregon stage road.

We Discover Mountain Horses

              We became interested in the smooth ride of the gaited horses after owning other breeds for some time.  In looking for some of the calmness and versatility required in our ranch environment, we finally discovered the intelligence and athletic ability of the Rocky Mountain Horse.  We became addicted to their calm, people-loving personality and beauty.    In 1995 we purchased our first show prospect, and we now show, breed, raise, sell and ride these wonderful gaited horses in two states.

Rockin' Country Sunday, 1996 High Point Open Two Year Old

Rockin' Country Sunday  

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Two Locations

    We have Rocky Mountain Horses** at our home ranch in far northern California, as well as at the farm of our trainers, Van Bert Farms, in Stanton, Kentucky.  Please see our "California" or "Kentucky" Ranch Operations page for more information on the operations at these two locations.

**Our horses are often also registered with the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and Mountain Pleasure Horse registries, in addition to the Rocky Mountain Horse Association.

Our Goal

    Our aim is to breed to preserve and enhance those qualities of temperament, gait, soundness and beauty that have made the Mountain Horse so deservedly popular and have combined to make this horse one of the most "rideable" of the gaited breeds.  See our "Breeding Philosophy" page for more detail. A limited number of quality foals are available for purchase each year.   We pledge ourselves to honestly represent our horses to each customer and to work to help you find your dream horse, whether it is at our ranch or the farm of one of our many "Mountain Horse" friends.   See the Sale Horses, Our Stallions and Our California and Kentucky Mares pages. 

    Contact Information

    Owners: Paula and Bert Morgan       Telephone: 530-459-3530
              27838 Quail Lane             FAX: 530-459-0418
                    Montague, California 96064   E-Mail:
Ranch Location:  20820 Ager Beswick Road, Montague (at Copco Lake), California

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