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Public Petition for the Investigation of SB:

Five exposé articles published in one day (August-Sept 2001)

From Hari Sampath today on the QT Anti-Christ Discussion Board, Message160, 08-27-2001 07:17 PM ET (US):

The Five stories today :

The Times ( three stories)

Three die after putting faith in guru.,,2-2001295442,00.html

"I sought peace and couldn't find it.",,2-2001295443,00.html

Suicide, sex and the guru.,,7-2001295208,00.html

The Hindustan Times:

Sai Baba could be put on UK blacklist.

Times Of India:

British law against Sai Baba sought. (Please get to this article from our Links Page. Click on "Cults Under Scrutiny" under BREAKING NEWS. to links page

Hari Sampath, Message #163 08-27-2001 09:18 PM ET (US) :

The Hindustan Times and Times of India are two newspapers widely read and respected in India. Times of India has a number of SB devotees on its board, including PN Bhagawathi, SB trust member.

Looks like even they have decided to run this story. Several journalists in India as well as in USA are in touch with me today, and there is a real lot going on in India now.

More to come very soon, the next few days are going to be real exciting, I shall update periodically. Hindustan Times has carried the story on their first page. There is a second story in The Times. Along with Times of India carrying the story, this is turning out into a sensational week for the SB expose!!


News Report on Part 2 of the Argentina TV Program “Zona de Investigacion" on the Sai Baba controversy.

News Report from Latin America: Report on TV Program, “Zona de Investigacion" Sai Org is in an uproar after wide TV exposure. August 11, 2001.

Security Review for Sai Baba Ashrams

News Flash!! Ricardo appears in Argentina as a rew replica of SB. July 2001