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Ricardo Baba

A New Baba Shows Up In Argentina

July 2001

I received this document from Argentina and I've translated it into English. I am putting it on the Spanish web site. Maybe you would like it for yours. God Bless, Lionel


A replica of the incomparable Sathya Sai Baba has appeared in Argentina. Ricardo Ocampo, a 26 year old charismatic young man from the Rioja region, has turned into a Creole avatar promoted by some of Sai Baba's devotees who, curiously enough, were the original promoters of the Sai Baba movement in Argentina.

In his orange tunic, Ricardo, who has taken the name of Ananda Baba, seems to be materializing vibhuti, necklaces and linghams. The attraction has been strong enough to merit the visit of the Chairman of Zone 2 of the Sai organization in Latin America, Mr. Leonard Gutter and the well known Mr. Jagadeesan, member of the Central Council of the International Sai Organization. Consequently this was cause for a letter to be written to all the members of the Sai Organization in Argentina. Mr. Jagadeesan is well remembered by ex-devotees of Sai Baba, not as much for the 10 books he has written, as for a very insulting letter in which he compares what the dissidents say or think with faeces on the street.

Ananda Baba resides in Catamarca, although presently he is being promenaded by his followers and promoters throughout all of Argentina. As we have been informed by a resident of Argentina, a sizable amount of money has been collected in donations and also land on which to build his Ashram. Mr. Gutter's communication offers an ample panorama of the situation, and now all we have to do is wait and see who in reality is this new Baba who is going to have to face another replica of Sathya Sai Baba that is appearing in Venezuela. With several Babas plus a Metreya on earth, the world is about to live an unprecedented era of salvation.

LETTER FROM LEONARDO GUTTER - SSB Chairman, Region 2 - Latin America

Communication to be distributed to all of the Sai organization in Argentina: Dear brothers and sisters in Sai: SAI RAM!

I would like to clear up a certain issue due to the different versions and interpretations that took place after the meeting we had with our brother Jagadeesan with Sr. Ricardo, also known as Ananda Baba. I would like to begin by reiterating Bhagavan's answer to the consultation done by the president of the Sai International Organization on my behalf.

Bhagavan said to Indulal Shah "There are many out there." And later Sri Indulal Shah told me that it would be a test for the real Sai devotees, a sieve, and only the true devotees would be left. Like I said publicly during the talk of our brother Jegadeesan in the Uriarte Sai Center, Jegadeesan as well as myself went to meet with Sr. Ricardo, from Catamarca, also known as Ananda Baba.

We accepted the invitation, attending as members of the Sai organization. I in my position as Chairman of Zone 2 and brother Jegaseesan as member of the Central Council of the International Sai Organization. Brother Jegadeesan, as stated in the attached e-mail, has written 10 books and one of them is called The 4th Dimension, where he analyzes psychic phenomena. For this he interviewed important people the world over, from witch doctors in Africa to people with psychic gifts in Asia, etc. And this was of special interest to him.

To me, it is obvious that I should consider it important to clear up directly with Sr. Ricardo certain versions that were spread as if he were the manifestation of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in Argentina. I don't have this e-mail, but I assume it's like a bio of Jegadeesan. Faced with my question regarding this issue, Sr. Ricardo asserted that he was not the manifestation of Bhagavan in Argentina. I was also able to ask some direct questions to clear up the confusing situation that arose within the Sai organization because of his presence in Argentina.

I personally cannot evaluate his level of evolution, or whether he is or isn't a realized being. I cannot come up with a comment on the fact that he has decided to dress like Bhagavan. Following and practicing Bhagavan's teachings, we as individuals or collectively as members of the Sai organization will not formulate critics against Ricardo and whenever possible against anybody. We will only see the good and the good intentions of everyone.

In regard to the rumors that reached my ears, following my visit to Mr. Ricardo, that I was promoting or inviting Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai devotees to visit Sr. Ricardo, I should make it clear that it isn't so, much to the contrary. I always communicated Bhagavan's message about the importance of digging in one well until water is found, and how it is not convenient to visit each teacher who comes up. That kind of attitude could only bring as a consequence a diminishing Faith in such people and an increasing confusion as to which path to follow. I recommend that the devotees of Bhagavan drink from the Infinite Spring of Wisdom that the Avatar brings to us. I can assure that His Divine teachings will quench the thirst of the thirstiest aspirant. Each one must dive into his own heart and find the answers there regarding the path he or she should follow, that is the absolute personal decision of each aspirant. It is a decision between the devotee's heart and his Spiritual Teacher.

I was also informed on the telephone that Sr. Ricardo or his followers said that now it was no longer necessary to go to India, since Ricardo was here and, of course, I cannot share that kind of deduction, if they were true, since when the Poorna Avatar incarnates, the possibility of being in his presence is something that one cannot be discarded if the devotee has the possibility of traveling to India. Even though the true contact with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba must be done on the heart of each devotee. Such heart to heart relation is beyond time and space and establishes an unbreakable and lasting link. It is the eternal relationship between the Guru and the disciple. Bhagavan has asserted in several occasions the need for the people to accept a position as Officers of the Sai organization to have total Faith in His Divinity, it is an unavoidable prerequisite in order to fulfill the role of messengers of the Avatar, and channels of His Message of love.

That is why we ask the members with an official charge to reflect upon their relationship with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and of what significance Bhagavan is to them. If any officer has any doubt, or has decided to promote Sr. Ricardo's activities, or his visit to the same places where Sai centers are functioning, it would show that his or her Faith in Bhagavan is not unyielding and that they still need other sources to quench their spiritual thirst.

The fact that they hold a managing role in the Sai organization, means that they have accepted a responsibility of leadership and this cannot be effectively accomplished if they still have "one foot on one boat and the other on another boat". This would only cause confusion among the members of the Sai organization and those officers would not be fulfilling their responsibility as leaders to its utmost.

It is because of all of this that, as Chairman of Latin America and in accordance with the Central Council of Argentina, I ask the officers of the Sai organization who consider Sr. Ricardo as their teacher and work for him or that feel the need to promote Ricardo, to reflect upon this delicate situation and choose what they would rather do: to serve in the Sai organization or in Sr. Ricardo's movement. In case they decide to work in the promotion of activities of Ricardo, then we would ask them to resign from all responsibilities en the Sai organization and to allow other devotees to fulfill these functions.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that all devotes are free to follow whomever they wish, but if they accept a responsibility within the Sai organization, then their obligation with Bhagavan must be complete, this is a prerequisite set forth by Bhagavan himself. It is also made clear that the Sai Centers must not allow that any activities related to Sr. Ricardo or any other Teacher or spiritual leader be promoted within the centers. I have no trace of a doubt, because of my personal experiences during the last 20 years, and because of the dictates of my heart, that Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the Poorna Avatar of this Era, and furthermore my Teacher and Guide.

My devotion is totally centered upon Him and I surrender completely at His Divine Lotus Feet. It is my thinking and my knowledge that the Poorna Avatar manifests himself in one body at a time and not in different bodies to carry on His Divine Mission. It is also certain that we are all Avatars regarding the fact that we are all manifestations of the same Divine Principle and we all have a role to play in the Divine Plan. Let us fulfill our role in the Sai organization and this way we will be fulfilling the highest of destines for our lives. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba said that service within the Sai organization was the highest service that a human being could accomplish .

He also added that we should not miss the opportunity to serve within the Sai organization nor should we separate from it, that those who did were very unfortunate. We have worked very hard to gain this Divine opportunity, let us not allow it to slip through our fingers. I ask the members of the Sai organization not to carry on any criticism of Sr. Ricardo, much to the contrary you must look at him through the eyes of love. Only this way would we be practicing the teachings of Bhagavan.

This situation that generated in Argentina must be considered as a test and an opportunity that Sai gives us to see how we react and if we have taken in His message in our lives, in words, thoughts and actions. Let us be impeccable as our Teacher and Guide Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is impeccable. The Divine mission of restoring spirituality on the Earth of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba will be fulfilled inexorably, may we all be better instruments in the Divine mission each day and better channels of God's Love.

Leonardo Gutter, Chairman Zone 2 - Latin America July 17, 2001