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Sai Baba's Teachings

Red Flags , Contradictions and Plagiarism

SB's Inconsistencies on Jesus' Message

Commentary by Elena Hartgering on Ram Das Awle's site, Sai Baba and Sex-A Clear View

KUNDALINI: What Sai Baba says and what the spiritual masters say:

Elena Hartgering explores the subject of Kundalini and Sai Baba's powers

There is no Kundalini! (SB)

Yogananda's Quotes on Kundalini by Dennis J. Hanish

Dave Brandt's public letter on kundalini July 2001


Timothy Conway finds SB's famous words in the writings of other gurus.

Dennis J. Hanish finds more examples of plagiarism.

Some examples of plagiarism by Elena Hartgering.

Red Flags in the Christmas 2000 Discourse Christmas

More Red Flags: What's wrong with proclaiming "I am the Avatar?"

A wonderful story about the Guru who claimed to be God Guru