By Marswalker (Dennis J. Hanish)

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06-26-2001 03:27 PM ET (US)

An Avatar or true Guru must always set an example and be a role model.

In post 14141 of Dr. Lane's club references were made to red flags such as that a true Aavatar, "doesn't go around claiming that he is an avatar." It was pointed out that ssb has made statements such as, "No one can comprehend My Glory...,The power of Sai is LIMITLESS: it manifests for ever, all forms of 'power' are resident in this Sai Palm...I AM GOD...I AM AVATAR, I have always been Avatar."

Over the years there have been many examples of Sai Baba claiming he is God.

Furthermore, there have been many references on these boards wherein it is shown that ssb seems to brag about his deeds and accomplishments. Recently Luvdeglobal in post 15872 (Lane's club) gave this example: "There have been great avatars in the past. But there never were such achievements in such a short spam of fifty years. ALL THESE THINGS WERE DONE SINGLE-HANDEDLY."

MarsWalker in comments concerning the 2000 Christmas discourse gives this example, "Hey, how are the works that are being done? Is anyone doing even a thousanth part of it? No, No, No! ONLY ONE, SATHYA SAI BABA...!!"

I would like you to contrast the above with an extract of a talk by Mirinalini Mata, direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF 1978, Cassette No 2402:

"...There is one quality you will always find in the true guru and that is humility - that humility was in Master. He could speak even about Himself. He could even speak about his accomplishments or even about his qualities, but when he said it - it was not a personality or an ego speaking about God. I don't think I ever heard Master say, 'My disciples.' He would always say, 'The Divine Ones that God has sent to me.' He would refer to them as 'the devotees,' but he never said, 'my disciples, my work, my accomplishments.'

"That 'I, Me, or Mine' just didn't exist in Master. I think that if anyone would to ask us who were around Master, 'How would you judge one who is truly saintly - who is truly divine?' - I would say that if one has not humility that I saw manifest in Gurudev - he is still lacking in spiritual accomplishment. The Guru has no ego. 'The I shall die, than I shall know who who am I.' In the Guru the I has died. There is only God. He speaks only of God. He draws others not to himself, not even to his personality...."

One of the problems is that an Avatar and true Satguru seldom comes to earth. But when they do, we should investigate their qualities, compare ssb with them, and then use soul discrimination to make a decision.



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