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Baker, Phil:  Fisheries biologist, CDFG Region 1, Redding, California

Barracco, Alan:  CDFG staff leader for Klamath River Fishery Management Council         Technical Team, Rancho Cordova, California.

Bartley, Devon, PHD:  Specialist in fish genetics, affiliated with UC Davis.

Baxter, Randy:  CDFG, Fresno.  Studied spawning behavior in Bogus Creek for M.S. at     Humboldt State University.

Boberg, Jerry:  Head fisheries biologist on Orleans Ranger District, Six Rivers National        Forest.

Brock, Bill:  USFWS watershed specialist, Trinity River Fishery Resource Office,        Weaverville, California.

Burke, Serge:  Fisheries biologist for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Weaverville,     California.

Chesney, Bill:  Fish biologist for CDFG in charge of monitoring escapement on the       Salmon, Scott, and Shasta Rivers.

Coots, Millard:  CDFG retired.  Formerly CDFG fisheries biologist in Yreka area.

Corn, Bob:  Director of hatchery operations, CDFG, Region 1, Redding, California.

Dotson, Ron:  CDFG, Supervisor of Yreka Screen Shop.

Foley, Pat:  Studying green sturgeon in pursuit of a M.S. at Humboldt State University.

Franklin, Bob:  Watershed specialist, Hoopa Fisheries Department, Chair of Klamath      Restoration Task Force Technical Advisory Team.

Gerstung, Eric:  CDFG threatened salmonids coordinator, Inland Fisheries Division,      Sacramento, California.

Hagans, Danny:  Geologist and Certified Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Specialist    with Pacific Watershed Associates.

Hillman, Leaf:  Karuk Tribal representative on Klamath River Fisheries Restoration Task         Force.
Hiser, Curt:  Iron Gate Hatchery Manager, CDFG.

Hubbell, Paul:  Project Leader for CDFG for both Klamath and Trinity River Restoration  Programs, Inland Fisheries Division, Sacramento, California.

Kramer, Sharon, PHD:  Fisheries scientist, Applied Environmental Sciences,      McKinleyville, California.

Lane, Chuck:  USFWS Project Leader for Trinity River Fishery Resource Office,   Weaverville, California.

Noble, Sandy:  Fisheries biologist, USFWS, Arcata, California.

Laudenslager, Eric, PHD:  Professor at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.         HSU hatchery manager and specialist in fish genetics.

Lee, Dennis:  CDFG Warm Water Program leader for California.  Formerly involved in      Klamath River studies for CDFG.

Lisle, Tom:  Hydrologist for USFS, Redwood Sciences Lab, Arcata, California.

Madej, Maryann, PHD:  Geologist for Redwood National Park, Arcata, California.

Maria, Dennis:  Fish biologist, CDFG, Yreka, California.

McInnis, Rod:  Representative for NOAA/NMFS on the Klamath River Fisheries      Restoration Task Force.

Mills, Terry:  Head of Natural Stocks Assessment Program for CDFG, Rancho Cordova,      California.

Moyle, Peter, PHD:  Professor of fisheries at UC Davis.  Author of Fishes of California.

Odemar, Mel:  CDFG representative on the Klamath River Fisheries Restoration Task       Force, Inland Fisheries Division, Sacramento, California.

Oliver, Merke:  Yurok fisherman, Klamath, California.

Orcutt, Mike:  Head fisheries biologist for Hoopa Fisheries Department.  Member of      Klamath River Fisheries Restoration Task Force representing the Hoopa Tribe.

Ozaki, Vicki:  Hydrologist for Redwood National Park, Arcata, California.

Pierce, Ronnie:  Yurok fisheries biologist.  Alternate for Yurok Tribe on Klamath River         Fisheries Restoration Task Force.

Starr, Paul:  Fisheries biologist for Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans,      Nanaimo, B.C.

Sumner, Dick:  Sportfishing representative on the Klamath River Fisheries Restoration   Task Force.

Tuss, Craig:  Project Leader USFWS Fisheries Assistance Office in Arcata, California    (1986-1990).

West, Jack:  Head fisheries biologist for Klamath National Forest, Yreka, California.

Willis, Mel:  Fish pathologist, CDFG Region 1, Redding, California.

Wingfield, Bill:  Fish pathologist, CDFG Inland Fisheries Division, Rancho Cordova,     California.

Young, Bob:  Owner of Young's Camp Fishing Resort, Sommes Bar, California.

(where not otherwise noted)

Cover: Mouth of the Klamath at Requa, California        Diane Higgins


 1­1     Karuk Dipnet Fisherman Siskiyou County Museum, Yreka

 3­1     Alaska Steep Pass Ladder       Pat Higgins

 3­2     Fish Screen, Shackleford Creek Pat Higgins

 3­3     Riparian Restoration   Ann Riley

 3­4     Direct Observation Divers      Mike Ward

 3­5     Boulder Weirs, S.F. Salmon     Pat Higgins

 3­6     Erosion Control, Hoopa Reservation     Bill Brock

 3­7     Turwer Creek, from the air     Pat Higgins

 3­8     Kidder Creek Delta     Pat Higgins

 3­9     Welcome to Happy Camp  Pat Higgins

 4­9     Poacher­killed Spring Salmon   Terry Roelofs

 4­10    Bald Eagle     Pat Higgins

 5­1     Iron Gate Hatchery Tour        Pat Higgins

 5­6     Yurok Tribe's Cappell Creek Fish Facility      Pat Higgins

 5­7     Tagging Juvenile Chinook Salmon        Mitch Farro

 6­1     Kelsey Creek Spawning Channel Tour     Pat Higgins