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Ron and Sharon Rabun, local riverside Dunsmuir area residents are your hosts. Together through our independent services, we strive to serve your personal angling desires and needs. An accomplished fly angler, Sharon can help you whether it pertains to fly fishing or regional information. During the off season, Sharon works at the Mt. Shasta Ski Park serving as Employee Services Manager .

Ron began fly fishing the Upper Sacramento River and other Western rivers in 1976 when introduced to nymph fishing techniques by his good friend Dr. Don Childress of Davis, California. Ron's fly angling pursuits have taken him throughout the West, Central Alaska, British Columbia and Hawaii. In affiliation with the Fly Fisher's of Davis, Ron's began presenting fly fishing education in 1980 as a docent fly fishing guide and program presenter to various Northern California fly fishing clubs.

His programs and guiding concentrates upon a modern version of the Upper Sacramento's traditional Ted Fay Up-Stream Nymph fishing technique. Joe Kimsey, third generation resident of the area, has codeveloped many of the well known "Bomber" fly patterns originating from the region. Since the passing of Ted Fay in 1984, Joe Kimsey of the Ted Fay Fly Shop and Ron have carried forward these techniques. Joe and Ron along with Ted Fay Fly Shop owner, Bob Grace and guide affiliate Bill Carnazzo help to continue the Ted Fay tradition through these angling techniques and "Bomber" style fly patterns. This angling method is similar to those practiced by renown fly fishers such as Charlie Brooks, Joe Humphries and Joe Brooks who historically proved these techniques extremely effective on freestone trout streams.

We address all modern and developing techniques in nymph, dry fly or streamer angling aside from the techniques and approaches addressed above.

Ron is actively involved in the Northern California Council FFF and serves as a liaison regarding the 1991 Toxic Spill on the Upper Sacramento. His Nymphing Techniques and Upper Sacramento River program presentations have been enjoyed by many California and Nevada fly fishing organizations. Since the reopening of angling in 1994 following the Spill, Ron has provided his knowledge and techniques through fly fishing guiding, programs, schools and clinics. In the off season, we provide anglers with opportunities to fly fish for trophy trout through our private waters program.

Ron's fly fishing expertise is primarily available for weekends and by special arrangement since he also presently works as Senior Customer Account Manager for State Programs with the State of California's, Department of General Services in Sacramento.

Our goals aim to provide you a safe, fun, educational and successful fly angling experience. We believe simplicity, safety and success are keys to your enjoyable experience. Beginning, novice or expert fly anglers are among our clients. We serve families, couples, fly clubs, women's groups, and of course, all you hard-core fly fishers in pursuit of the Elusive Big Ed Fish, the big bad boy of fish. In addition to guide services, we offer fly fishing schools, clinics and vacation rental accommodations. We strive to provide our services and package programs with the highest quality at the most affordable prices among the fly fishing community. The fly shop, guide affiliates, accommodation facilities and other service providers are referenced because of the quality services they make available to you, our friends and clients. It can be said that we strive to do one thing with the highest quality; "Present you finest trout fly fishing services in the Northern California Mt. Shasta region."


Imagine landing a wild Rainbow Trout on a fly rod in view of stoic Mt. Shasta or the Castle Crags. We want to help you enjoy the wonderful setting and fly fishing opportunities in the Mt. Shasta area.

Three Blue Ribbon California fly angling rivers are found in the Shasta-Cascade area some 50 miles north of Redding and within 30 miles of the renown 14,168 foot Mt. Shasta. They are the Upper Sacramento River, McCloud River and Pit River, all tributaries to Shasta Lake and the Sacramento River. These rivers are noted for their excellent wild Rainbow and Brown Trout fisheries. These rivers are also noted for their excellent fly fishing waters. Although most effectively fly fished with wet flies or underwater nymph imitations, the dry fly angler may at times find the fish rising to the evening hatch of stoneflies, caddis or mayflies that abound the natural insect populations. Other small public and private lakes and streams provide additional opportunities for the fly angler.

We concentrate our guiding and education services primarily on the Upper Sacramento River in the area between Shasta Lake and Siskiyou Lake in the Dunsmuir area. The Upper Sac and Dunsmuir are located very accessible along Interstate 5 north of Redding and just south of Mt. Shasta. The Upper Sac provides easy access and fly angling opportunities.

The City of Dunsmuir provides local accommodations and fine eating establishments for anglers who fish the full reach between the two lakes. Since these rivers are high wet fly fisheries, we specialize in both modern and traditional nymph fishing. Traditional up-stream nymph fishing technique made known as Ted Fay Short-line Nymphing is our especially effective method for catching Upper Sac wild trout. We employ other modern and well known techniques as conditions and success opportunities present themselves. We take advantage of dry fly fishing opportunities when the trout present a feeding opportunity during the hatches.


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