Lyn Paul Relph, Professor Emeritus,
CA State Univ. Chico English Department

The Age of Reason, Rationalism and Romanticism
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My partner Katie and I live on the Trinity River in far northwest California. We retired up here from Chico ten years ago and love our lives more than ever.

The Trinity River is at the center of a big fight. As major tributary of the Klamath River it is also in the center of another big fight over there.

Katie and I travel north past the Klamath River to Ashland OR in spring and fall for weeks of theatre season.

In two hours we can travel west to the Pacific coast cities of Arcata and Eureka. In the hot summer we take our 5th-wheel to Klamath CA and make it our summer home.

The Redding CA airport is one hour east; from there we fly out to San Francisco, Hawaiian islands, the U.S. east coast and Europe.

From Redding we can drive to Sacramento in two hours or Reno in three.


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We are also ardent pond lovers: we put in a 45 x 60 foot pond of our own and spend time almost every day beside it.