Here are a pair of sunset shots taken at the mouth of the Klamath in August, 2003.


The weather — cool, unpredictable — is only one of many attractions for Katie and me down there.

Click on the diamond view to see it larger.


We made a 20-minute video of canoeing the Klamath River estuary. It's often windy there, sometimes mysterious, even scary, and always full of surprises. The video is available on DVD if you're interested.

The next photo shows the Trinity River in high summer with a riverside garden in the foreground. If I could have waited I could have had rafters and kayakers in the white water behind the sunflowers. But it was still good enough to use in the 2004 calendar we made called "A Trinity Year." All thirteen photos — twelve months and the cover — we shot ourselves inside Trinity County.

We also make post cards and greeting cards of photos and scanned paintings, as well as gallery-quality prints (up to 13 x 29"), on water color or canvas if you like. See Smaller Pond under "Links" for a fuller tour.

Videos Available on DVD

Coming Soon

Canoeing the Klamath Estuary (20 min.)

September Days (the weirdness of traveling the wide open spaces — Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming — while the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and The Pentagon: 30 min.)

Kauai Aloha (travelogue and tone poem on Kauai).

reland's Southwest (a celtic idyll).