(Print #IDUN-1)
X-6398 west passing Dunsmuir Station


    1. X-6398 west passing under the pedestrian bridge (Sample Shown Above)
    2. View looking south towards Mallet Shed
    3. View of Mallet Shed from pedestrian bridge
    4. A pair of SD9's on turntable. SP weed burner is to the left.
    5. View over roof of depot towards machine shop
    6. View of Mallet Shed from old Riverside Hotel.
    7. Mallet shed with the roundhouse to the right.
    8. View across turntable showing the depot and old hospital
    9. Train 632 passing the depot.
    10. The "Klamath" unloading mail.
    11. Mail cars from the "Klamath" with the Best Water On Earth sign.
    12. The "Klamath" dropping down to the Sacramento River canyon.
    13. Train 1-632 with 6307 climbing the grade out of the Sacramento River Canyon.
    14. Cabbose and helpers on train 1-632
    15. Helpers on eastbound at Shasta Retreat from Cave Springs.

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