Care Level Descriptions

Short term memory loss.
Difficulty making decisions, some frustrations.
May be paranoid, accusing caregiver and others. Repeats
questions.  May wander; lost in familiar places
May not recognize familiar persons.
Needs occasional help with dressing, bathing and eating.
No incontinence with reminders.

Decreased ability to learn; short-term memory loss is worse.
Appears self-absorbed, insensitive, exhibits increased frustration.
Needs some daily help with dressing, bathing and eating.
Difficulty understanding verbal or written instructions.
Increased supervision required.  May wander.
Sleeping patterns change. 
Nighttime incontinence, some daytime incontinence.
May not recognize familiar persons.
Draws on old habits and lifelong patterns to function.

Poor short and long term memory.
Verbal skills limited.
Needs total assistance with dressing and bathing
Total incontinence requiring intervention several times daily.
Constant supervision required.
May respond to touch, music, pictures of pets.
Wanders; may seek exit.

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