Central City and Autobot City Fortress Maximus are located in Douglas County, Oregon between Roseburg and Scottsburg along the Umpqua River.  Sometimes known as the Sister Cities, the two towns boast of a  combined population of  3.49 million Autobots, Humans and extra-terrestrials.





As the hot-spot for the Autobot-Decepticon war, Central City has often been the chosen battlefield for the two factions.  Anything, any place in the town is considered fair game, whether or not the Autobots do what they can to protect citizens and property.

In the months following the Reawakening, the Decepticons made no attempt to be subtle.  They immediately raided, destroyed and plotted for global domination to rape the planet of its natural resources.  And because the Autobots were in a particular location, the Decepticons, being the kind of creatures who are always out to pick a fight, chose to fight in a location that at first, had no significant influence on world powers.  By the year 1987, however. all eyes turned to this little town with a population of only 400,000.   By the year 2021, Central City boasted of a population of 2 million plus, including a mix of Humans, Autobots (always consider that many Autobots are also former Paratrons) and extra-terrestrials who come to live and conduct business with the Autobots and other nations.



    Dead Town, Central City

Sitting in the far north end of town is Central City's industrial complex.  Complete with such manufactures as the Hershey Company, the Pepsi-Cola Company, Walgreen's and Starbucks distribution centers, the industrial complex also included such facilities as Harding Weapons Manufacturing (Divide and Conquer).  Maxwell Harding became one of the world's leading weapons manufacture.  But after the first Decepticon raid in 1984 and the subsequent hijack of the plant later in 1985 (Megatron's Master Plan), Maxwell Harding abandoned his plant-and the state- for a retirement community in Alaska, leaving his daughter, Shelly Harding, the company and all assets. 

Inheriting her father's brilliance, Dr. Shelly Harding abandoned the original campuses and buildings and turned the company into a satellite manufacturing facility, with some success-which yet again was the target of Decepticon mayhem.


war wounds

A good bit of landscape around the north-eastern part of Central City was destroyed during the first few months of the initial invasion.  In most cases, much of the land was repaired, but around Dead Town, some of the more damaged ground became contaminated, incapable of growing anything for many years.

Central City stretches  a good 20 miles south to north.


Attempting to attain power,  Sean Berger created a falsified power plant located seven miles south of  Harding Manufacturing.


"They drove into the seedy part of town where a mall stood dark and empty. There were many such buildings in this side of the city. This was Central City’s memorial to the destruction of the Decepticons. This was where the great meteor ‘Meetorini-Chiparooni’ landed. Echoes of a terrible battle between Optimus Prime and the Dinobots vibrated against the walls. The Dinobot’s murder-lust left psychic footprints here. "

"A dead factory stood here. Cold steadfast walls marked by laser burns and graffiti stood against the cold. This was where humans were enslaved by the Decepticons. Ninety-four people died during Megatron’s reign of terror that year. Berger nearly lost his life. Many battles had taken place in this part of town; many."


Harding Weapons Manufacturing Complex-Western entrance

Abandoned complex, 1985

Umpqua River, North


Harding Complex-North-Eastern grounds.

Dead Town-Spanish Ave




The life of the city

The arrival of the Transformers itself was enough to irrevocably change Central City, its culture, people and setting.  But  Cybertron was brought into Earth's orbit in 1984 (The Ultimate Doom) much of Central City was devastated by natural disasters, battles fought between Autobots and Decepticon and enslavement as procured by the nefarious Dr. Archeville (who to this day still has a price on his head).

After thwarting Starscream's plot to annihilate the Earth, the Autobots turned their time and resources into rebuilding all those areas devastated during the Cybertronian orbital occupation.  Then-mayor Belsley, a cleaver businessman with incredible insight, offered a contract with the Autobots: help rebuild Central City and we'll make it open, available and fit for the Autobots.  It was an offer Optimus Prime could not refuse.  It meant the city could be a partial home for his fellow Autobots, a place they could feel welcomed. 

It took several years' work to rebuild Central City into the kind of town that was flexible enough to handle all kinds of populations, Humans, Transformers and extra-terrestrials.  But the time, work and expense was all well worth it.   Even as early as 1986/87 saw great changes in building structures, widened roadways, the construction of the phenomenal passways known as the Ribbon.

All this paved the way for a super-modern city that brought greater wealth, diversity and beauty as not seen in any other area on Earth.


Central City started out with a population not much larger than that of Sacramento, California in the year 2000.

Under Autobot influence, the city took on a new look, offering such opportunities as space flight  programs and the formation of Earth Defense Command . . .

 . . . and an education system designed to compete with alien economies from around the galaxy.


Third time's a charm: The Cascade Stadium was built in 1985 as a gift by Berger Enterprises.  It was seriously damaged  during the Cybertronian Orbital Occupation.  The Autobots helped repair it just before they were found guilty of plotting against Humanity and thereby exiled from Earth.  During Megatron's reign, it was damaged yet again as a show of power.

The following  year Decepticon Blitzwing  used the stadium as a base of operations during his coup against Megatron.   The Autobots helped to repair it yet again.

"Morgan Stadium was dedicated to Jessica Morgan who risked her life to bring Optimus Prime back from the death throws of a supernova. She died shortly after the Hate Plaque, weakened by shock from injury during the Decepticon assault on Metroplex in 2012. Optimus deeply grieved her loss and refused to attend the funeral."--Testament: Chapter 8



Even before the Transformers burst upon the world with their technology, their alien ways and their war, Central City was a slow-growing community slowly restructuring itself from the loss of the logging industry that crippled so much of western Oregon.   But unlike many of its smaller neighboring towns, Central City did not suffer too great an economic loss as there were other industries supporting the area.   Two universities (Cascade University and Douglas-Central) helped the community to press forward.   This led to an unexpected boom in small businesses such as flower shops, video arcades and the usual plethora of 'mom-and-pop' restaurants.  Many of these businesses were found in the heart of the revitalized down town area which included such places as "Billboard Row"  and the Little Tokyo District

Most ‘accessible’ (or Autobot-friendly) buildings were built with the assistance of the Autobots, as Central City had become  more than just the closest town to Fort Max. Now it was a major space port, a place often visited by aliens of all races and breeds. Built for creatures of all sizes, most of the buildings were virtual works of art. The roadways, too, were reconstructed, broadened in most places, to allow landing space for triple changers. All the city’s modifications came out of the Autobot’s expenses as Optimus wanted his people to adapt and melt into Human society but not at the Humans’ expense. After all, no matter how much at home the Autobots would feel on Earth, they would always still be guests.

Just south-east of downtown is the Mountainscape museum

Many of Central City's roadways were repaved and widened to accommodate larger Transformers.

Courthouses, shopping malls, even many cinemas were reconstructed to fit all sizes of Douglas county's citizens.

Sean W. Berger is another of Central City's more prestigious citizens.  His wealth and power have certainly turned more than one head in his direction-and more to the point, even unwanted attention has been garnered his way.   Sean Berger, the son of Don and Ludmilla Berger, started his great wealth as early as nineteen years when he made his first thousand through the stock market.  As bright as Sean Berger was, he suffered from inferiority and had a difficult time dealing with people.  The consequences of his dealing with the Decepticons left his company in a shambles.  But five years later, Berger was able to pull out of bankruptcy.  But his reputation was ruined and he spent the rest of his life in atonement.  Part of his City Compensation Program was the refunding and replacement of all public transportation throughout Central City, which later on extended to Fort Max under the direction of Berger's only son, Jarek.

Central City Bank-owned by Berger Enterprises.

Cascade College-funded in part by Berger Enterprises.

Dealing with Decepticons-not always the  best way to attain a good reputation.

Why would any sane individual pack his/her family and move from any section of the country to live in Central City, where they know danger is imminent?  Many experts mused over this oddity for years.  But people were looking for opportunity-something many of them did not have in other places.  Scientists, doctors, artists, contractors all moved to Central City for the chance at a better, more fulfilled life.

Central City was often the target of Decepticon hostility if for no other reason than its vicinity to the Autobots.

Massive reconstruction projects have given Central City new life, every few years-

-all such reconstruction have been at the Autobot's expense.


While the DSR epic does not go into great detail regarding the extra-terrestrial life forms living on Earth, anyone studying Human culture during the Cybertronian Occupational Years will take note how a strong 1/4 of Central City's population was indeed inhabited by people from a few other worlds.  Most of them were travelers, either on business or wandering about the galaxy like lost transients.  Most of the aliens have been harmless, passing through on visas provided by the host nation they visited.  At first the Autobots kept tabs on extra-terrestrial visitors until Human science was able to catch up to the Transformer's.  The biggest concern of alien visitation to Earth was the spread of disease and contamination of foreign life forms that could be harmful to Earth's native plant and animal populations.  For that very reason, the Autobots created specific landing platforms in Metroplex, Central City (in the 1990's) and later in Fortress Maximus.


Influenced by Autobot and other extra-terrestrial designs, many cities on Earth were reconstructed with size and shape flexibility.

Because many Human cities were willing to accommodate the Autobots, Optimus Prime felt compelled to build other cities on Earth.

Metroplex was moved to New York in 2013 following the crusade on Nebulos.


But like so many other things in life, nothing is perfect.  Overcrowding created slum areas and often times 'undesirables' would nest in the slums and prey on the weak and helpless.  As always, the Autobots took up the responsibility and have partnered with those cities struck most with rampant crime, dealing mostly with extra-terrestrial invaders, and leaving Human criminals to their own kind.




Unlike much of the rest of Central City, the western section offers little in the way of history-with the exceptions of Astrotrain's historical harassment when he and Blitzwing tried their coup against Megatron.  For the most part, western Central City is the quieter side, offering clean neighborhoods, several parks (owned and maintained by Hybrid Technologies Corporation, (Hy-Tech) under the direction of their chairman, Astoria Carlton-Ritz ) and generous view of the skyline at night (which is why Chafferson Observatory is located in that direction) and of course, the train station.

C.O.B.R.A. terrorist organization: Alive and well in Central City

2 1/2 to 3 hours from Central City and Fort Max is the Pacific Coastline.

Lake of the Cascades was not formed and adapted by Central City until late 1980's   Not only does the lake offer recreational and sporting attractions, but underground streams feed hydroelectric plants that help power and sustain the city.


Such a nuisance!  The train yard in Central City: West had to be renovated, and 3/5 of all locomotives had to be replaced after Astrotrain's coup attempt in 1985
.Damages resulting from the Triplechanger's coup cost upwards of $200,000,000. 


Several of the cities largest companies, including Harding Manufacturing, C2HmZ Chemical Monster Beverage Company and Platter's Automotive worked with the Autobots and Douglas County to recover those areas destroyed by floodwaters.  Today much of those areas in the western part of town have been rebuilt into shopping and residential districts.


Chafferson Observatory, where Chip Chase's father, Dr Orland Chase worked until he retired in 1989


Glider's Park Reserve is one of several parks located in and around Central City owned and maintained by Hybrid Technologies.  Glider's Park offers such attractions as a flight museum, a butterfly exhibition hall and a playground designed for adults.



Ten years in the making, the super highway overpass leads to and from Central City in every direction imaginable.  Not only does the Ribbon contribute to the city as a lifeline to and from the world beyond the Cascade Mountains, but it has become something of a tourist attraction.  The Ribbon's unique architecture is the brainchild of Autobot architect Grapple who worked feverishly to design a system of roads that could accommodate Humans AND Autobots-particularly Triplechangers like Springer- landing in the city from the sky, or taking off at a moment's notice.  There is not one other place in the world where traffic runs more smoothly than on the Ribbon.  As to date, there have only been 4 fatalities-all of which were caused by black ice along the northern on-ramps.

At one point, it was thought the Ribbon was a part of the highway maze created by the Constructicons under the direction of Triplechanger Blitzwing in 1988.
Fortunately enough, the rumors were untrue; Grapple "would never touch anything so flimsy and poorly designed".  In fact, the maze was torn down in 1992 and sold  in pieces world-wide for bridgework.


If the Ribbon were stretched end to end, it would entail approximately 250 miles of roadwork.  That's the same distance as Redding, California to San Francisco!


So well-built and resilient is the Ribbons' construction, that in the year 2052, it was the one structure in Central City that remained intact after the Quintesson Occupation of Earth.




The Gateway Pass, or the Intermoutain road, between Fortress Maximus and Central City is like a lifeline between two lovers.  Everything from fuel and consumable goods to business dealings come and go between the Sister Cities along this Pass.  Due to heavy traffic and a few tight turns, the Gateway Pass is carefully monitored and kept in tip-top condition at all times of the year. 

Because o f steep mountains and sneaky turns, there are no 'backroads' to or from Fort Max and Central City.

Prior to the Pass, there was no other roadway to Central City other than a few dirt roads used by the forest service and I-10 leading to I-5.

Between repeated Decepticon trouble, 'red tape' and hot political debates regarding the Transformers invasion, it took the Autobots a good four months to pave and build the Pass.


Because there is no railroad between Central City and Fort Max, truckers were the only means of deliver to and from cities, even after the mega-modern transportation of shuttles.  Optimus Prime saw to it that truckers were well compensated for their time and stress along the Pass by allowing them to stay for free in Autobot City.

Stan's Last Chance was the only small business permitted along the Pass.  But after Chip Chase escaped Megatron during the Decepticon occupation of Central City, the Decepticons saw to it the rest stop did not service anyone again.

Speeding is something of a problem along the path coming down from the Gateway and entering Central City limits.  Crazy drivers have been clocked entering the south end of town at speeds as high as 110 mph.


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