Weed, California Grace Community Evangelical  Presbyterian Church

Grace Community Church

PO Box 219

Weed, CA  96094

Phone:  (530) 938-4571

Email:  gracepc@cot.net

This page will contain various information pertaining to the building of the new church

  Inventory Items That May Be Purchased/Donated

     A number of members have asked if they could buy or make a donation toward an item we will need to purchase once we are ready to occupy our new facility. While most of our equipment will be somewhat covered by our insurance, depreciation may cause us to receive less in payment than a particular item would cost.

     John, Joyce and I have selected a few items that people had mentioned buying and/or making a donation to buy.

     We believe that rather than purchase an item, it would be best to make a donation to the church requesting that it be used to purchase a particular item(s). All donations will be placed in the Memorial and Special Gifts account until used.

     Items recommended and amount listed on our insurance inventory request:

American Flag with stand                                   $250.00

Christian Flag with stand                                    $220.00

Music stands (each)                                           $120.00

Candelabra                                                        $656.00

Stained Glass Window                                     $2500.00

Large Print Bibles (each)                                      $20.00

Altar Bible with stand                                         $500.00

Paraments, 3 sets for each season                      $300.00

Altar cloth for communion                                  $150.00

Advent Wreath with Candles                              $895.00

Wall Banners for the season’s church year          $120.00

     To make a donation for an item(s), clearly indicate on your check which it is for.

     There may be other items you would like to purchase and/or make a donation toward; if so, indicate that on your check.


John Christ

  Gerry Watson

New church work as of June 17

New church work as of May 26, 2016

Steeple installation November 2, 2016