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At least twice a year we offer a volunteer peer-counselor training seminar.  This course is approximately 30 hours worth of training in peer-counseling skills, communication skills, education on pregnancy, fetal development, abstinence, christian ministry, abortion, the sanctity of human life, and much more.  For those wanting to do any peer-counseling, home hotline, or receptionist work this is a requirement.  Typically offered at various times of the year, please call or email us if you are interested.

Read some more & discover where your niche might be!  We also have lots of ideas listed below that individuals & groups have done to help us make a difference in the lives of babies, mothers, fathers and families!

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We have our annual Fall Walkathon.   Our Walk features prizes for those who raise the most pledges, special music, activities for the children and lots of fun & fellowship.

babybttl.wmf (1460 bytes)CPC's BABY BOTTLE BANK DRIVE...

The Baby Bottle Bank Drive usually kicks off on Mother's Day and runs through Father's Day, but your church, sunday school class, youth group, or organization can do it anytime of the year.  Some groups do this all year round!  The basic idea is you distribute baby bottle banks to your members, they take the bottles home, fill it up with money and bring it back in a month or so, then have a collection day, celebrate & send CPC the money!  We can supply the baby bottles and the flyers.  You supply the coins to fill the bottles!

Have a BABY SHOWER for CPC...

We would like you to consider holding a "Baby Shower" for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any time of year.  You could host a baby shower at your church, in your women's groups, with friends, family and neighbors.  You could have cake, tea, games, and prizes just like any other baby shower.  Everyone would bring a layette or baby shower item to the party to donate to CareNet Pregnancy Center.  One women's Bible study bought a dresser and filled with baby items and brought it to the Center.  What a wonderful way to show we care and to offer hope for the future.  Celebrate the seasons, bring joy to others.  Thanks!


We have our annual Fall Banquet featuring a guest speaker, testimonies, special music, food and fellowship.  This is a great opportunity to hear an update on the ministry of the CareNet Pregnancy Center.

Other Ways to RAISE MONEY for CPC...

bulletcollect aluminum cans
bullethave a garage sale and donate the proceeds to CPC
bulletif you are giving through your employer to United Way you could designate your gift to come to CPC.
bulletask your employer if they have matching funds, or programs for the charity of your choice (PG& E, Walmart, and others have programs available to give to charities)
bulletyou could pick up loose change on the ground and send it to CPC.
bulletsome Chiropractors and Dentists have offered a day of free services in exchange for giving a donation to CPC.  Not only do the Doctor's have a way to donate, but so do the patients!

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