Gospel Trax - A Music Recording Ministry


Recording Studio Ministry - Sharing Jesus through Music

Objective: The objective of this ministry is to share your songs and lyrics through uplifting contemporary and traditiional Christian Music.

I am beginning a recording studio Ministry at my former commercial recording studio (TealMoon) for high school students to adults.
 The idea is to give an opportunity to those who have written and composed Christian music and would like to have them recorded in a professional studio experience. There are no studio charges.
I would be available to help in various areas including helping getting the material up to a recording level if you are a step or two away. Though, it is recommended that you have your songs well practiced so as to save studio time and your time plus to relieve any difficulties. I would be happy to help in areas such as mic technique, accompanying, arranging the song, chord substitution help and other studio techniques. Be prepared to have a great time!
I also could help in the area of graphics and labels for the CD’s. the only charges would be for materials. I use a professional label program for CD’s. Mostly all you need here is photographs or artwork. We can also burn a number of CD’s if needed.

Though there are 16 tracks digital available, most musicians and songwriters who have come to the studio rarely use more that 10 or 12 tracks. In fact, most use less than 8!
I will be glad to take names and make appointments as they come up and plan to do at least two sessions a week to start. Sessions usually last anywhere fron one to three hours depending on the number of songs.
Don’t be afraid or let any timidity stop you as this could also be a good learning experience for you. Come out and try and it may be a bit of a risk but it’s more of a delight and fun to share your gifts. Perhaps one of your songs might influence a friend or relative. Keep in mind there are ways to relax and enjoy a session.Also, the objective will energize you.

Contact me by phone: Bernie Griff (223-5142) or email bgriff@snowcrest.net