I am dedicating this page to songwriters all over the USA/Canada/Australia to those in the CMN (Children's Music Network) that I have met or come into contact on the Internet. So far the ones I have listed below have exchanged CDs or ideas or maybe just a great chat about writing! Let's hear from ya! You can add an image of your CD here too!                                  Links


Jim Low - Western Australia "Negatives of Glass"

Jonathan Sprout - Pennslyvania - "Dr. Music"

Steve McCarty - California - "Wild Mountain Honey"

Tom Hunter - Washington

Michael Brown - Mallorca, Spain - "EZ Livin' "

Judith-Kate Friedman - California -"Count Me In"

    Steve Morgan and Sandi Hunt - California                         -Songwriters-Children's Music "Insect Songs"

Glenn Colton - New York - "Takes a Look Within"

Dale Pryor - California - "Everything's Gonna B.O.K."

David Woeller and Peter Tracy - California - "On The Porch"

Gary Venden - Arizona - "Northstar"

Dharmika Judith Henshel - California - "Good Green Fun"

Bob Wasacki - California - "Pebbles On Your Window"

Sam Hinton - California

Gary Lapow - California - "Supermarket Shuffle"

Van Rozy - California - "Island Dreams"